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Ensign Bikram Auden

Name Bikram Auden

Position Former Character

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species B'aku
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 81 Kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Bikram is a humanoid, on the smaller end, thin and generally small in the features. He has golden hair on his head and all over, immaculately white teeth, eyes of kelly green. As a runner and swimmer, his build is lithe and very taut, style is athletic wear and trim fit. He is always clean, always active, never sitting still.


Spouse Bikram has a life partner on B'aku who passed away. (Cho'li)
Children None
Father Seth
Mother Laaia
Brother(s) Trik, Go'swin
Sister(s) Allie

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bikram's family was deeply affected by the Dominion war, and his decision to save lives was largely due to his experiences during it. He failed at many of the medical exams, and was barred from further exams. He simply didnt have the knack for medicine required to be a Doctor, and focused instead on using his knowledge to enhance machines for medicine. In this he found great success, and wound up getting accepted into Starfleet Engineering for his work with holographics and robotics. His pluck, candor, and overall ability to work with others fast tracked a career posting on board the Hippocrates where he is part of the deployment for a hospital ship utilizing scaled technology at the planet level.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bikram is older than he looks, and is treated like a kid often. The low rank of Ensign doesn't help, but he graduated in three years, applying later in life than most. He tried not to let it get to him, but it can cause issues.

He is an A+ engineer, who wants to be a doctor. Machines are boring he says, then he meets a meta-morph and goes ham.

He is B'aku and has the usage of the Solar Wand, a technology that extends his life and rejuvenates him from near death. It only works on B'aku fully but has limited usage on others. he is trying to change that too.

He is a pacifist, but able to defend himself and others within reason. Taking life is anathema to him, but understands people make choices that will result in loss of life.

Bikram gets around, he has no sense of timing and will go from one partner to another. He lost the love of his life to the war and refuses to put down roots. this causes social issues as well.
Ambitions Bikram wants to be a doctor and save lives, but failed medical exams too many times. His designs however are improving medicine and the machines complement his lacking diagnostic ability and prowess with a scalpel. The result of his work will be a system where any normal person can activate a holographic assistant to enable them to perform Medical practice as a doctor would. With guidance to the surgical motions, diagnostic problem solving, setting up pattern recognition and investigating sources of infection...
Hobbies & Interests Dancing and singing, he is a terrible cook. Bikram is an athlete's athlete. He can do any non-contact sport well, and learn on the fly any game people show him. He loves card games and gambling.

Personal History Bikram was on the B'aku homeworld for his whole life, the fight with the S'ona and the Federation had occurred in his youth. When the Dominion armed the S'ona, the Federation couldnt protect the B'aku and it fell to Son'a backed by Jem'Hadar. The USS Freddy Mercury was able to destroy orbital vessels before it withdrew and the ground conflict stretched for a year before their return with a Klingon cruiser and troop company to retake the planet.

Bikram saw the war come to his world. He realized living as a pacifist was not the way, to live in peace meant toe fight for it. He took up arms, and his beloved partner Cho'li joined the armed resistance. Cho'li was a the better fighter but lost his life saving civilians from certain death. Bikram again learned the price of allowing your enemy to come to your home. Starfleet and the Klingons purged the Dominion after a month of conflict that saw half the small populations dead or injured. Cho'li had expressed a desire to join the crew of the Freddy Mercury and the idea stuck with Bikram.

After leaving his world, Starfleet Academy proved a terrifying experience. His desire to save people on the B'aku world had involved simply getting them out of danger and running the metaphasic solar wand over them until they were healed. Medicine anywhere else in the galaxy was not so easy. While he understood the biology, he lacked the empathy or acquired instincts to be a true doctor. Machines worked in his mind the way they ought to, and he didn't realize how gifted his insights were. The fusion of his desire to not take life, and heal it instead had coupled to his innate understanding of mechanics. Though Starfleet Medical denied his application, they provided an alternative, "Medical Technology."

Once they had found a spot for him, Bikram produced results. Modifications to existing systems were placed into effect immediately, fleet wide updates based on minor edits improved systems and cause changes to ship functions saving countless lives through sheer increased system optimization. It wasn't enough, and he was soon part of a team of student researchers formed for the express talents they exhibited. Transporter based medical technology and holographic interfaces were the first steps, and mobile triage centers were the end result. A hospital fired from orbit and deployed in less than four seconds anywhere there was solid ground. His team intended on a universal mobile hospital design able to serve in any environment.

Desiring a testbed for new designs, Bikram asked for a post, and was given the calling card for the USS Hippocrates.
Service Record B'aku Homeworld- Civilian Administrator

USS Freddy Mercury- Civilian attaché to Defense League.

Starfleet Academy- Medical Board Failure to Admit

Starfleet Engineering- Granted program access: Research and Development "Medical Technology."

Starfleet Advanced Starship Design Bureau- Researcher levl 4

USS Hippocrates- Promoted to Ensign