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Crewman Exo Comps: Pentaptych


Position Former Character

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Robotic Life Form
Age 12 years

Physical Appearance

Height 4x4
Weight 210 kilos*
Hair Color variable hull plate geometry
Eye Color Sensors
Physical Description Exo- Comps have variable configurations but are generally large boxy robots using anti grav repulsors for levitation within gravity wells. They also contain positioning thrusters for zero gravity work. Medical Exo Comps are pristine white to reveal and blemish or dirtiness, and will sanitize each other to gleaming perfection regularly. They work as units, so the three of them are best together though able to work independently over short distance.


Spouse sourced family units
Children Have not produced progeny
Father Viridian Tech
Mother Viridian Tech
Other Family Altair Mining units, Deneva Particle Array techs

Personality & Traits

General Overview AEYLA- The leader, very smart and task oriented. Mounts an EMH program and holoprojector unit for surgery.
KORONIS- Very aggressive if threatened, protective of patients from perceived threats. Mounts a wide array of tools optimized for biological flesh.
AMBROSIA- A portable pharmacy; able to analyze, synthesize or reproduce most compounds. Ambrosia has the best computing power and networks the other four through its senses.
POLYX- Anesthetist; practical joker, dialysis machine. Polyx can reconfigure to provide any machinery needed. Polyx also argues a lot.
EUDORA- After-Care specialist, wetnurse, lounge singer. Eudora can care for babies and elderly with programmed panache.
Strengths & Weaknesses The five of them were designed to save lives in crazy circumstances, and perform miracles of science with patients near death. They share some abilities, like replicators for standard tools, but are specialized as well so as to have irreplaceable skills and qualities. They overlap one another but if separated lose these overlapping skills that protect them. They are very strong together, a mobile hospital on demand.
Ambitions Test program for medical technology- Ambitions are to staff these for vessels as enhanced autonomic responders to ship damage and crew injury.
Hobbies & Interests Pursuing their sapience, surpassing expectations

Personal History Created by the Viridian Tech industry after successful reports from Deneva Particle array revealed this configurations brilliance and wide applications. Altair Mining facility also uses them, and combining their data has resulted in a next generation Exo-Comp designed by Starfleet Medical to enhance the functions of forward operating bases and starships with limited staff pools. The Hippocrates is a test for their operation, and they are assigned to the ship to serve in as many roles as needed. The more they are used the more they learn, and upgrades to their shell and programs will occur regularly.
Service Record Viridian Technology

Starfleet Medical

USS Hippocrates