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Lieutenant Boss Klayton

Name Boss Klayton

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bularian
Age 221 years

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m
Weight 72 k
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Bularian females have black eyes, the males have purple or blue. Her hair is very thick, and only lies straight. She keeps is shoulder length and tied back. Very crisp features, very little adornment. She indulges herself with a facial cream that makes her skin look great but otherwise no jewelry, decoration or make up. She prefers to dress in long sleeves and boots, varying colors to match the setting. In times of war or strife, it is almost always black on black. She has a dangerous air around her, and is not friendly to look at, those who know her see the persona for what it is and delight in the little break throughs they get in private moments.


Spouse Henry Klayton- Divorced
Children None
Father Erik Klayton
Mother Geola Raham
Brother(s) Tarik, Horhuk, Rodru
Sister(s) Vora, Kla, Maxilli
Other Family Bularian families are usually very large, only immediate Kin are considered blood family. seven children is a small family by their standards.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Boss is old school tough. She is unafraid of lung damage and uses a vape device regularly to ponder on her work. She does her job well and is given a wide berth to do it. Though able to perform the duties of a doctor, her passion is dispensing justice to those who mean harm. Skill and passion produced this being, a society which she eschews formed the rest. She is angry, and looking to hit things, but sometimes forgets to be so mad if given a distraction like something beautiful or life affirming. Those moments are golden for her, and she tries to hold onto them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Boss has advanced medical knowledge, Sherlock level deduction ability with it
Boss is a skilled and trained surgeon and medical researcher
Able to use/hack computer systems of many kinds, gift for snooping
Boss does not like to be interfered with and has no regard for matters of rank.
Boss is a fighter, and will take on more than she should.
She lacks engineering know-how can use it if its works, but fixing things is outside wheelhouse.
Hates flying, turbulence, white knuckled flyer.
Ambitions To return home to a world ruled by her peers, and not the old farts from 200 years ago. She will stay away until that happens, and pursue whatever hobby interests her. Right now that is doing her job she loves.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to sing but can't bear to have anyone know her softer side. She is also obsessed with wearing clothes as armor and concealed weapons. She collects them more for collecting than stocking an armory, but as an aside, she has an armory of concealable weapons and clothes which stop disruptor blasts.

Personal History Bularian society is old and decadent. Having mastered long living medical techniques, they have retired from the scene and enjoy the Utopia provided by Starfleet's military doing the protecting for them. Boss hates her world, wishes the old would die, and the up and coming youth can finally move the society forward if even a small amount. She has left her world impatient for it to change. She is mad, restless, and out for justice on a subject she cant wrap her hands around. Her people teach in basic science what Starfleet Medical teaches to their advanced students, and Boss found a home in Starfleet Medical. She has little interest in saving lives, but is driven with a sense of justice. She wound up as a medical investigator after a time of trial and error in various Medical and tactical occupations, finding the niche to be a perfect fit for her abilities.
Service Record Starfleet Academy- Medical degree awarded for Tactical Department track: Investigations

USS Mercy- Four tours (71 cases, 62 resolved, 3 open, 6 assigned to other divisions.)

CST Sequoia- Eight months (14 cases, 13 resolved with 1 open case.)

Dispatched: K-9 Deep Space Tactical (Borg technology discovered in deep space)

Dispatched: Outpost Ticonderoga (Illegal bio-genic research operation)

Dispatched: Riga VII Bio-tech (Terellian plague was weaponized)

Dispatched: Starfleet Medical Re-training (Dominion War)

USS Fouracres- Resupply for Forward operating bases- Tactical officer- attached to medical

USS T'plana- (Re-assigned after loss of USS Fouracres) Tactical Officer- attached to medical