USS Hippocrates


Mission 3: Space Pandemic

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Mission Info

Status Upcoming Mission

This mission will come as soon as we get past all of the RL things that are happening now. More to come on this when we get there.

Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Mission Summary

This one I am going to wait on until RL things get a LOT better and people think of this time as a long memory. A brand-new disease hits a Federation planet and the people there are totally not equipped to handle it. What this disease is? That is for our Science and Medical crews to find out. What it does do is act like it a progressed version of Lou Gehrig’s disease. The people on the planet start to feel their muscles getting weaker and weaker… but much more rapidly than our typical disease. It is up to the Science and Medical teams to run experiments to see what is causing this disease and how to treat it. At the same time, the normal bridge crew runs a study of the planet and finds something very unusual in the area. Could it be a foreign entity? Could it be a new virus? All of that would be explained as we go along in the story. Yes, I am saving this mission for last.