USS Hippocrates


Same job. Different ship

Posted on Mon Feb 1st, 2021 @ 2:52am by Lieutenant Commander Jaron Omir

Jaron had been assigned to the Hippocrates as the new Chief Security/Tactical Officer. He was thankful for this second chance he had been given. There had been a time when he believed he'd never reach this position again and therefore, never get his own command. He released a sigh as he began his recording to his twin sisters back on Earth.

"Hello girls. Hope you're both doing well." he began. He went into details about his new posting and location and letting them know how they could get a hod of him if they needed to. With both of their parents dead, they were all the family they had. "You two take care of each other and hopefully we'll see each other soon. I love you both." He concluded his message and hit send.

Before returning to the PADD that he had open and was studying the files of his personnel on, he stood and retrieved a cup of coffee. He carried the cup over to the window his quarters were lucky enough to have. He'd always loved the view of the stars streaking by. The Hippocrates was a medical vessel with nearly a thousand people aboard. This was the largest crew Jaron had eve been a part of, let alone responsible for their safety. He had an adequate number of staff. Now he just needed to work with and through them to see who belonged where. He had worked up a training schedule and set up appointments to meet with them so he could get to know them.

For now, they were still docked and other than a skeleton crew still aboard, the rest were taking some R&R before they headed out. He knew how important down time was so he decided to wait to start the interviews. A relaxed crew was a more helpful crew.