USS Hippocrates


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Moving on

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 3:25am by Lieutenant JG Allison Bishop & Lieutenant JG Travis Mcintyre

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Lounge
Timeline: 2 weeks before Hippocrates launch

"Come on. It isn't that bad." Travis said as he reached over the table and patted Allison's hand. "It's a brand new ship."

"I know. But it's a Medical ship. That's great for you. You're Medical." Allison replied. "There's not going to be a lot of need for security on a medical ship."

Travis had to admit that it was really exciting for him. He had been transferred to the newest and most updated medical ship in the fleet. He just wish he could make Allison feel just as excited. "Come on. At least it isn't the Quartermain any more. That had to be the worse posting ever."

Remembering their very first posting out of the academy did make Allison smile and shutter at the same time. "That was a horrible posting, wasn't it?" she said with a smile. "I guess it won't be too bad as long as we're still together." she added.

They had quickly became the best of friends when they met at the academy. All of their class mates had assumed that they would become a couple but their friendship was so strong that it just never happened. They were almost like inseparable twins and had been lucky enough to get posted together on every assignment so far. The Hippocrates wasn't Allison's first choice but if it meant staying with Travis, she could handle it.

"Penny for your thoughts." Travis said, bringing her out of her daze.

She smiled and shook her head slightly. "Just imagining what sort of trouble I'll have to handle with a bunch of doctors and nurses." she answered.

"Well here's to plenty of trouble for ya." Travis said in way of a toast as he lifted his glass. "Now let's get back to enjoying these next two weeks of R&R."


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