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Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2021 @ 4:11pm by Crewman Exo Comps: Pentaptych

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Okinawa- Daystrom Robotics
Timeline: 7 months ago


{Commandant Bhoka's office- Okinawa}

"Rex" jogged through the corridors, the summons leaving no doubt he was expected to be in the commandants office a minute ago. Commandant Julius Bhoka was renowned for his iron grip over the research department projects. His legendary ability to shut down projects mid sentence was infamous throughout Daystrom. If Bhoka said it was a waste of resources he'd see to it the Federation pulled allocations. Now the Triexian know as "Rex" feared this exact result from the impromptu meeting at such early hours.

As the doors parted in advance of Rex he knew they had been watching. Bhoka's office overlooked the parks at the north end of the island with an impressive floor to ceiling window. It was a backlight, and made it hard to see the face. This was an ill omen indeed. Simple Spartan white walls, wooden slat floors simply adorned the open space. It made a person feel small, and that was on purpose.

Rex started talking as soon as he saw the familiar brown face, "Sir, I am certain that we can fix ... I have spent four years on this medical adaptation project, ff-f-from its inception! And nobody knows the Exo-Comps infrastructure-"

Bhoka held up a hand to tell him to stop, and added, "Care to answer a question for me?"

Rex stood in the doorway, dread overwhelming any hopeful outcome he desired. Bhoka prompted him inside, and Rex feebly replied.

"Yes sir. What is it?"

Bhoka had a very stern face, but there was an element to Triexian telepathy that gave a distinct flair to the Commandant's affect. "Mirthful", curiously enough.

"Who put breasts on a robot?"

Bhoka held up a padd with an image displayed, it was all Rex could do not to laugh immediately.

Bhoka pressed Rex into an answer, mirth was present, but there was a serious edge as well, "I will not be the fool who signs off on this as research. I need to know who is responsible for this."

Rex took his professional demeanor in hand, "Sir best I can offer is they needed a scale model to adapt the synthetic rig equivalent. Eudora is designated as an Obstetric and Pediatric care specialist."

Bhoka was still angry but had that mirthful tinge which was confusing, "Oh, perfectly logical then, and as for the dozens of pictures sent across the institute..."

Rex paled, "I had no idea this was going on, they must have just done this-"

Bhoka cut him off, "I've gotten messages from brass outside of the institute asking what the hell we are doing over here."

Still reeling Rex desperately tried to find a footing to reply with any kind of intelligent reply. "I didn't realize it was inappropriate, the team is mostly Humans so if this is inappropriate I can find who is responsible but they shouldn't have sullied our good work-"

Bhoka was reading off his padd and kicking back in his chair with feigned drama, the mirth coming through more readily.

"One of the lead researchers for the MIDAS array Doctor Ray'nall Foracre notes that officers with such proportions should really be wearing a uniform top for safety and sanitary reasons."


"AdmiralZalinko notes... 'Damn'.... " Bhoka made a show of looking for more text, "That's all he wrote. He works with Ferengi quite often so I'd imagine he is desensitized by now."

"I understand what you are saying, we will not be proceeding with this prototype as modeled sir."

Bhoka screwed his jaw to the side, contemplating if he had tortured the man enough... "Doctor Sylvan of Deneb... you know... the one who got the Daystrom prize last year... asked who to nominate for this breakthrough."

Evidently he had not finished the lesson. Rex just closed his eyes, willing himself to die.

Having had his fun Bhoka tossed the padd down. There was nothing on it.

"I kept this in house. But that's a taste of the reality you face when you let your jackass team make jokes at Federation expense. Did you feel the project ripped from your fingers just now, the end of your career?"

Rex nearly passed out, thankfully a three legged species doesn't collapse at the knee so easily. "I did sir. I will get control of them. This will not happen again."

Bhoka finally smiled for real, "It's childish but among Humans such ill humor is common. I understand you didn't recognize it as such. I still want to know who took pictures and tried to send them, they are out of Daystrom as of today. Questions?"

Rex was furious, and vowed to have an answer to the Commandant within the hour.

"None sir, thank you for your oversight on this matter."

Bhoka had gotten the lesson across and was a different man now, avuncular and back to from as a teacher. "It's my job, yours is the project you are assigned. These medical bots are something we all want to succeed, and will save countless lives. This isn't a setback just a lesson. Keep it up."

When Rex left, Bhoka let out a repressed chuckle. He looked at the five shells in a holographic display, and how they were designed to serve various roles. Their design was intricate and contained the combined knowledge of the Federation to produce a guardian angel. Despite the problems today, he was certain these robots would save countless lives. He added the projects updates to his daily log feed and moved on to the next brushfire.




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