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Getting noticed

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 4:08am by Ensign Bikram Auden & Crewman Exo Comps: Pentaptych

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: SB1- Earth orbit
Timeline: 3 months prior to Hippocrates Launch


{Stardock Emergency Ward- Starbase 1}

The tour had seen many of the labs reduced to chaos in anticipation of the brass visit. Medical was a hive of efficiency however, stress was second nature to the work. There was no need for demonstration but when the Starbase Commander visited, it was nice to show off a little if career meant anything at all. Bikram fiddled with the consoles to ensure the presets were configured, he technically needed five panels to operate the five independent bots but only had one hand free to hold a padd. Retinal commands and subaural microphones allowed him to control the padd with great precision and administrate the pentad of bots in front of him. He could communicate with a gesture so long as the bots had the program with social heuristics running.

They stood in the ancillary ward of the Stardock emergency services wing. Inbound trauma cases needed to be stabilized sometimes but the necessity of a surgical wing in the shuttlebay was not ideal for Engineering. Today, the Triage center and revised Exo-Comps protocols would work together along with the Omnitool, a high functional multiple purpose wand with B’aku Solar Ray technology. Bikram had made it his pet project since joining Starfleet, and believed it would replace many of the tools used for medical treatments.

After confirming the staging was in place he spoke to his teacher as he finalized the actuator circuits for the retractable berths in the wall holding a robot in each of them. ““You know, of all the projects I’ve seen here, the EMH mounting inside the Servomotor casing is the Engineering marvel of the decade. I’ve already adapted it for my triage center, I think I can get another two whole Matrices pre-installed."

Slight variations occurred, but in general the bots were slightly larger than an adult Humans head, with a metallic chrome exterior and external apparatus. Bikram had finished the others and their seamless antigrav units had effortlessly slid them into the docking berth for their offline periods. His final motions on Ambrosia, would put them into a ready state for inspection. He waited for AlliKo-li a Romulan of considerable notoriety; she had chosen the Federation as a home when the hobus event made her a refugee. Her mentorship had given Bikram much needed training for life in the fleet, ship board necessities and practical Engineering. As a Romulan with a past in the service of the Imperators, she was not allowed to serve in formal military settings. R&D was a second home and here she sat, a Tiger assigned to kittens.

Her face was impassive and rigid as she looked to what Bikram fiddled with. It had been a marriage of true talent to genuine purpose, seeing this young man take on projects in her department. The triage center tentpoles had already ensured the boy would have a career, but his continued commitment to improving even the tiniest aspects of his design had been what caused this formidable person to take Bikram on. She had been told to get him ready for a role on the Hippocrates, which would need the exact talents she was admiring.

“Bikram I approve heartily of the mentality that compels you to fiddle endlessly to improve your designs but there comes a time when we finalize the final mold. Changes past that become the next model. Is it ready, or do we need to make one last revision?”

“No they are good as they are, I wouldn’t dream of tinkering with anything in the bots past simple mechanical anyway; it’s truly art. My wand is on the charge pad, and… Tentpoles are clamped to the wall next to Aid station.”

Ko-Li agreed this was all cleaver, but she had seen Borg technology in person as well. The sheer mechanical brilliance of their nigh incomprehensible math was the art she craved. Still, brilliance was to be encourage at whatever level it is found, Bikram would certainly improve on the designs, it was the boys nature.

Outwardly she managed a small smile in reward for his preparations, “Okay then, set up the room, we are expecting them in the next hour.”

Bikram nodded, flipping through each console. The small room they were in a service pit for the mechanics of the small office adjacent to their portion of the stardock. A larger central area just out the door had no roof, only a half wall demarcating the boundaries that were the emergency ward for the shuttles who potentially brought injured. It contained a quartet of bio beds, able to accommodate four patients with full surgical precision. Designated zones on the floor demarcated the containment fields and sterile field boundaries, and besides Bikram and his teacher nobody else was there. The open space of the stardock with traveling workbees and faraway misty blue haze obscuring ships at a distance caused the stomach to churn. In times of war, there could be dozens injured on the floor, whose final view would be exactly this.

The sound of boots and whispers preceded the tour. Allie cleared her throat to get Bikram to pay attention, he heard them too once he listened. They both moved to the Master console, the only real pedestal in the ward room, and what would soon be a broadcasted simulacra of a triage ward. Bikram readied the simulation, keying it to his command.

“…We can skip the Stardock, nothing here we won’t cover on the Master system tour later. Overwatch Gamma, Emergency Ward, TL motor access, EPS corridor 4 access. On up the Turbolift to Deck 21 now….”

Of course Allie now realized, the Romulan nobody trusted fully was going to get skipped. She knew how to play at this game and responded very swiftly telling Bikram, “Send Eudora to TL 13 have it sing… “Karush-Konga” by Jazzerbee.

Bikram looked at her quizzically, and she used her hands to signal him to hurry, making a face as well. Bikram programmed it in swiftly, Eudora didnt have that song pre-programmed but found the music in moments translating it to their needs. Meanwhile, the smooth exocomp emerged from its wall alcove. It was given a command to sing a nursery rhyme well known to the Acamarians, a task it could easily perform.

<{[EUDORA]-[BIKRAM]:Query:("Nursery Rhymes"; perform/St.Action=calm, pacify, de-escalate)(Children<8Y/Effect granted.)(Presence* [CHILDREN] not detected)}{[BIKRAM]=(Designated recipient)*(Confirm intent?)}>

Allie understood the bot without even waiting for the interpretation. "The visiting Commodore Linnell, is Acamarian."

<{[EUDORA](Acknowledgement of additional criteria added to Core Protocols:(CORE:ADULTS ARE CHILDREN IN PRESENCE OF CHILDHOOD ARTIFACTS-X "Nostalgia"):("Nostalgia" to "Nursey Rhyme.")}{Task:([Commodore Linnell]POS/assoc("Nostalgia")Intention)}>

The bot learned fast, it was a good sign and Allie hoped her gambit would work.

Eudora flew down the hall towards the Turbolift juncture, encountering several Organics waiting for the Turbolift. Eudora was "humming”, a function for soothing infants, now modified to induce emotional states from adults. Eudora knew hovering above the organics made them uneasy and so opted to hover at average chest height as everyone went into the Turbolift. The gentle Hum was low volume but had a pleasant vibration and timbre. The presence was noticed as they all clambored in, one of the leaders of the tour spoke up.

Commander Tomas was not happy about it, “What is this? I don’t recall SB1 having Drones that play music as a function, what the hell is this machine?”

Linnell however shushed the man, “It’s playing an Acamarian folk song. I think someone is trying to get my attention and did a very good job of it.”

Tomas was now definitely upset, “Computer identify drone device in TL 13.”

The computer chimed, =^= Device query response: Registered Crewmate- "Eudora” Assigned as Exo-Comp Pentatych Medical development program.

Tomas added, “It's a medical drone sir." he spoke to the computer again. "Where is its’ berth, and controller?

=^=Device was last berthed from the Emergency Medical Ward in Stardock. Controlled out of Doctor Henry Yellowfeather R&D"

Tomas furrowed his brow, aware of the game but unsure how to play. Dr. Yellowfeather was a monolith of the Starbase, involved in countless projects. it was a dead end. Linnell further complicated matters talking to Eudora, “Hello. Are you AI, should I introduce myself, I am Jordan Linnell, this is my lieutenant attache Cecilia Reynolds, Station Commander Silvio Tomas... did you want to speak to us?”

Eudora seemed to turn and look without eyes at Linnell, a pleasant voice came from behind the music it hummed, “Greetings Commodore Linnell, I am Eudora. Is there anything you need from me?”

Jordan Linnell lost the air of superior rank. He seemed delighted and spoke back to Eudora, “Yes, show me who sent you, and where you came from I want to see!”

Tomas glanced to his "attache", a dark skinned Bajoran security grunt who shook his head in disbelief. It clicked in his brain just then, the Emergency ward was down here, and they were experimenting wih a holographic field hospital. It was Allie, he was sure of it right then. The gall of the Romulan to do this, after pulling such strings to get posted here at Earth she still made trouble. Allie would inevitably ask about the Romulan colony efforts, derailing this whole tour with politics. Eudora exited the Turbolift back on their exit floor, into the anteroom leading to the massive Stardock gantry.

The Stardock above them could house a dozen Galaxy class starships with room left over, to describe it as big is simply insufficient. With such expanse above, the crew kept their eyes on the horizon as they followed Eudora to the Emergency ward, where Bikram was standing waiting. Allie was nowhere to be seen, much to Tomas’ dismay. He at least liked to know where she was.

The four of them walked behind the bot as it entered the last door, and closest to the actual airlock entrance. This is the first stop inside the station where a doctor could really work on a wounded crewmate if time was so critical they couldn't wait for the full infirmary. Of course the mobile suite tentpoles could be deployed almost anywhere furthering the necessity of their widespread dissemination. Shuttles would land and use fields to create an umbilicus of air and gravity to offload people quickly and return if this were war or evacuations. Out in the stardock it was one step away from total vacuum.

Inside the small medical ward the simple spartan room had little inside of it. Four beds a tool room, and a master wall display showing the vitals of simulated patients. Linnell spotted the rank on the young mans neck, surprised to see the cloth stripe on the shoulder demarcating a provisional ensign. If he could get a posting it would be official but until then it was out of place. He asked in a gentle commanding tone, “Cadet? On SB1 we only have officers in posts… Did you send this bot?"

Bikram opened his mouth to say no, but realized despite the fact he was ordered to, it was his command that sent the bot so he instead said, "Sir, nnn...I did send it sir."

Tomas was furious at the embarrassing scene, "Where is your instructor, or are you here by yourself?”

Bikram looked embarrassed, but followed orders nonetheless, “Cadet Bikram Auden Sir. Allie Ko-Li is my teacher, I am provisionally assigned to SB1 pending acceptance on my first ship sir.”

Commodore Linnell blanched at Allie’s name, the Romulan had made her way to Earth by chopping heads and stepping on shoulders. She had left him alone to give him a chance at face time without her presence dragging him down. She was astute, and played the game well, one more reason to keep a close eye.

“Well cadet, Allie is a fine teacher, did she want us to see anything? Is she still here?”

“I am.” Allie entered from the opposite side, the four sides of the square each with an entrance. A tense moment was broken when Bikram pushed ahead, again as Allie had told him to do. Her playbook was on point so far, and Bikram didn’t argue.

He put on a smile and began the speech he had practiced in the mirror. “Yes, the R&D department let me set up the projects we are working on for a demonstration if you care to see, it won't take more than a moment but could be something you see fit to install fleet wide or on forward bases and scouts. Automated medical care where one doctor can oversee dozens successfully. Is that something you are interested in sirs, if so I have demonstrations ready?”

Silvio Tomas was at his patience's end, "We will be on our way. Allie, this is not acceptable and you know why."

Bikram looked to Allie, hoping she would support him, she managed a head shake in reply.

Eudora had slid back into alcove and the wall panel snapped shut. Linnell was tracking the obvious antipathy but didn't care, he asked Bikram, "So that bot is an auto-nurse, would not the EMH perform the functions of a medical professional?"

Allie wanted to speak up but it was Bikram's opportunity to seize. He took the chance and was daring, "Sir, an EMH is often overkill for most treatments. These servomotors are able to be replicated for the most part, its the quantum core processor chips that take time to produces and layer effectively. They require none of the technological constraints for operation but provide much of the same effect. In addition to supplemental capacity for large numbers, and a tireless work ethic, they are a force amplifier for the crew. The EMH is for anything that requires truly advanced medical care, but these bots can do so much."

Silvio cleared his throat, the young man was selling a product but it seemed the Commodore was amused. Still he prompted the lad to stop the pitch and consider others.

Allie broke the awkward moment, "Introduce them, then."

She gave him the focus he needed, and Bikram didn't need to be told twice. Focusing on what he knew with an audience of one, the words came rushing out.

"It's a set of five, they learn from and enhance one another." He gestured at the Padd activating them all, he subaudibly commanded them to form a rank on the nearest bio-bed. "Meet AEYLA- The leader, very smart and task oriented, it coordinates the actions of the others also mounts an EMH program and projector unit for surgery; KORONIS- Very aggressive if threatened, protective of patients from perceived threats, ask before touching. Mounts a wide array of tools optimized for biological flesh repair and manipulation; AMBROSIA- A portable pharmacy; able to analyze, synthesize or reproduce most compounds. Ambrosia has the best computing power and networks the other four through its senses; POLYX- Anesthetist; practical joker, dialysis machine or an MRI, then Polyx here can reconfigure to provide any machinery needed. Polyx also argues a lot."

Bikrams panel pinged with a direct message:

<{[POLYX]-(Reply:[BIKRAM])*('Claim1"=[POLYX] "argues a lot" Define:VALUE/Argument: "argue"-Sysinput(Correction)or(Altternative.conclusions)([BIKRAM]Input;INSUFFICIENT; "a lot";Insufficient evidence to claim)=(Claim1:refuted)}>

He grinned a little as he finished, "... and you've met EUDORA- After-Care specialist, wetnurse, lounge singer. Eudora can care for babies and elderly, those patients needing extra care after a procedure."

The commodore looked impressed which encouraged everyone spirits to relax. "Tell me, this one has an EMH inside of it?" He pointed at Phaesyla, who had taken a truncated "Aeyla" as its official designation without being asked to. It was for the comfort of the staff, who found the name stressful at a glance.

"Yes sir! It can broadcast at full resolution, up to three days of continuous usage in unit battery life."

"They can accompany away teams, perform medical tasks, and any other duties?"

Bikram looked to Allie who nodded, so he answered confidently back to the Commodore, "Yes sir, they are very capable, we can program them however is needed."

Jordan Linnell laughed at Allie, he was happy to have met her. "You seem very capable." To Bikram, he smiled and prompted, "I would love to see what else they can do."

Bikram almost fainted for a split second, he grabbed Koronis, who barked at the impertinence. Bikram was their family and could get away with it.

"Koronis is mounting the Solar Healing Wand technology the B'aku shared with the Federation. I have a tool with it installed as well. It can do everything in a single beam we need a host of tools for now."

Commander Tomas knew of this project, it was definitely not approved for use by Starfleet Medical, "Is that so? Allie? you understand we can't experiment with B'aku science, I expressly removed this project from your purview."

Commodore Linnell knew an intramural feud when he heard one. He had indulged it, Silvio was good at his job and kept the operation tightly run, but now it seemed real science was being held back. The B'aku technology was off limits, their world protected by heavy weapons. A fountain of youth but so delicate as to warrant the secrecy lest it be destroyed in greed. Jordan safely assumed the boy was B'aku, the only one in Starfleet or likely the galaxy legally able to work on such technology without violating treaties.

The commodore gave a glance to the Commander, "Silvio, thank you, but the cadet is clearly exempted from law researching his own culture."

Silvio figured it out just as fast. Damn her, she got him on this one, she had used his project to get herself facetime and it had worked. He took a half step back to let the Commodore see better. He had been outplayed, and Allie was looking right at him. It took all his might to not exhibit the seething rage outwardly.

Bikram was showing the specs of the Solar wand, effused with particles from his home planet, they were a tenth of the strength but every bit as restorative. Under the wand's light, a patient could be totally healed given adequate circumstances like time and location being ideal. Dermal re-generators were wonderful, but this was the next step, wounds taking weeks would disappear in a day.

"The wand is still a prototype, it cant be replicated currently. As soon as we can crack a few issues with the replication process I feel this could replace scalpels, re-generators, hemostats, gauze-"

"And this one can mix molecular compounds to create medicines?" Jordan pointed at Ambrosia, Bikram replied, "And analyze samples. breaking them down in the opposite fashion."

Polyx was in his view, Jordan asked "This one? The fussy one? MRI or dialysis?"

Polyx made unhappy beeping noises at being called fussy. Bikram answered, "Polyx can rebuild itself into new forms, fitting the need for anything in the ward as a backup."

"Well color me impressed. What ship are you waiting for?"

"I was told the Hippocrates is being refit and I'm on a shortlist."

Jordan winked at Bikram who was sweating with anxiety. "It's shorter than you think. Good work here. I look forward to seeing this program roll out, if we can get good data your notion of fleet wide wouldn't be out of the question. The "Auden Servomotor Nanny" has a ring to it, think about it."

Allie smiled, Linnell locked eyes and said, "My office soon okay?" His demeanor was stern, which assuaged Silvio that this Romulan would be handled. Little did he know how well Allie played the game. Any facetime was good for her.

The group departed and Bikram let out a sigh of relief, "What was that with Commander Tomas?"

Allie took a moment, "Romulans gave too many reasons for distrust for me to call distrust xenophobic he hates Romulans. I am Romulan. I will likely be transferred soon. No Matter. We both accomplished much today. Put the Pentaptych to bed, and get some rest yourself.

"Transferred? But Allie, why... cant you fight that?"

"Humans rule Starfleet, and on SB1, orbiting Earth, a Romulan is a threat. You will be assigned to the Hippocrates soon anyway, do not worry about me, I've got a new inroad to walk."

As they turned down the lights and left the Stardock, the small wardroom seemed irrelevant to the size of the stardock. He had a beaming smile, eager in anticipation, imagining the installation on all bases, shuttles, stations, starships, saving lives.

The world was opening up for Bikram, the sky wasn't falling anymore. He found the Cerulean mists to be quite comforting even. The Future was coming quick so he resolved to be ready.



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