USS Hippocrates


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The CO's Arrival

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2021 @ 10:34pm by Captain Kimberly Rhodes

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Golden Gate Park > USS Hippocrates
Timeline: MD 1: 1400 hours

Kimberly was poised to spend a long day and possibly a good night with who she thought was going to be her future XO in Veva Mattox. She had plans all laid out to soft talk Veva into the XO position. First was a picnic at Golden Gate Park and then a relaxing dinner at the best Seafood and Italian restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf. She was ready to commit to Veva being her XO but it seemed that Starfleet Command had other plans in mind for Veva.

The communique from Starfleet Command came in on a secure channel so it was only for Veva's eyes and ears. Whatever the communique was about, Kimberly knew one thing was going to happen... Veva was not going to be her XO. As it was the style with Veva, Kimberly's former XO did not offer any explanation. She just left on the shuttlecraft where they came on.

Kimberly was feeling very distraught after that. She thought that she had everything planned out and that Veva would join her on her new ship... but life and duties change at a whim. Throughout her career, Kimberly had to adjust to many things. Most of all of her plans worked out but this was the only plan that did not. With a picnic basket in her hand, there was no one to share it with so she decided to head over to her favorite redwood tree inside of the park and have a small lonely picnic of her own.

Sometimes, the fog can break up and bring out the light. This was one of those days in the middle of summer where the fog did actually break up and offer a lot of sunshine. It was that sunshine beaming down on her that told her that there was hope and there was work that needed to be done. Finishing off the last of her grilled ham and cheese sandwich, she knew that it was time to start off her new adventures. Calling for a shuttlecraft, she waited for nearly five minutes before it arrived. Next stop? McKinley Station.

The wonders of the shuttlecraft was that they were able to make a long trip seem very much like a short distance. It took only 30 minutes from San Francisco up to the near the top of the world in the orbit over what was known as Alaska back in the day. The sights during the ride changed drastically from the bright daylight to the darkness of space as she looked out of the pilot's window to see the only ship docked there.

There she was... the USS Hippocrates in all of her glory. The Olympic class starship showed its full circle front in full display as Kimberly let out a soft gasp of admiration. She decided to savor this moment as this was one that would last a lifetime. It could not be duplicated ever as she admired her very first ship that she would command. Her own ship... this is what a Starfleet Officer dreams of. Taking in the moment, she made sure to take a picture on her PADD of the first sight of her own ship... the USS Hippocrates.

As the shuttlecraft made its way inside the bay, Kimberly sat up off of her chair and proceeded to the door. As soon as it was opened, she could see all of the officers shouting "Captain on Deck!" while all of them were standing at attention. "As you were everyone. Thank you for the welcome." Kimberly replied to the orders by the Chief of the Shuttle Bay dock. Making her way through the ship, she was met by all of the officers shouting the same command. Each time, Kimberly had to tell them to go back to their duties.

This seemed to be a crew at McKinley Station that was well rehearsed in military protocol. If there was one thing that she had to change was that strict military protocol to be loosened up a lot. She knew that there was a tour of the ship that was about to come but for now, she really wanted to see was the lounge to try to get a bite to eat. If she couldn't get her Seafood Fettucine Alfredo at a restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf, she felt that the Chiron's Rest lounge would be the next best spot to relax and get it. Making her way to Deck 13, she moved her way towards the forward end of the ship where the doors opened. THere, no one announced her arrival as there were a few station officers taking their breaks inside of the lounge. This was more like it to her. SHe knew that she had to make a mandate to have this sort of environment a part of her command... as much as she could.

Soon, she knew that a tour of the ship was inevitable but for now, it was time to relax and look into the stars. It was not long before a young ensign in a medical blue uniform approached Kimberly. it looked like the lightly colored brown hair woman was wearing an old style pair of earphones. The sides of the earphones lit up in red colors around its circle as the young woman came over and took a seat. "Captain? May I take a seat?" The woman asked. Her voice seemed to be harsh and hollow as she spoke but it contained all of the enthusiasm that a young ensign would show.

"I don't mind. Please." Kimberly offered her hand as if to indicate that the seat was open.

The young Ensign took the seat while she was still excited about meeting the Captain of her ship. "Ah am so sowwy that Ah caent get ovour mah excetment. Ah'm Lexi Roberts." She introduced herself as she found it very hard to say her own name with the way that her voice came out. "Ah'm tha Meadicel Essistent of tha sickbey. Eet is gud ta meet ya, Caeptan."

Kimberly raised out her hand as if to shake Lexi's as the other woman get the message instantly. "Good to meet you too, Ensign. I am sure that you will make a fine addition to the ship but... can I ask... why you wear the old style headphones?" She asked while trying not to offend the young woman.

Lexi let out a hoarse laugh as she explained. "Ah'm Deef. Witoout tha phoones, Ah canna hear a ting. Ahmost like Geeordi und his via... sor, dang... tha ees aways a hard werd ta say fer me." She finished off her words as a waitress came towards them. "Captain? Lexi... May I get you both something to drink?"

Kimberly looked over at Lexi as she was a little confused. "What do you suggest?" She asked.

Lexi's eyes it up brightly as she made the suggestion. "Too takilla soonreeses." She suggested.

"Excellent choice. I will be right back." The waitress offered as she went away.

At first glance, it seemed that this would be a wonderful start to the adventures of her new crew. Where they would lead to, only time would tell.



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