USS Hippocrates


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Another Posting, Another Go

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 11:34pm by Commander Shadow K'Trevala

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings

Shadow came on board with four carry-alls filled with his things, each a different size and purpose. The first one was his everyday personal effects, clothing and mementoes of his late wives, though the necklace he wore beneath his uniform was more than sufficient. It held their wedding rings as well as cameos of his wives and his children as well as a genetic extrapolation of what his unborn daughter would have looked like, had she survived.The GPL chain that held them had been reinforced to be unbreakable, and it would be next to impossible to get to it under the uniform tunic.
The next Carry-all, the smallest one, had all his papers and sketches for projects he was working on, like a portable, disposable transporter pad for the middle of disaster situations. Originally the device would be no larger than a 12" round cake pan but the field generated could encompass a Brikar's body and his attending. True, it was only good for a dozen uses at most and in optimal conditions, but if he could get 5 uses in the most adverse conditions, he'd be happy. The disposable transporter was just one of the items he was busy working on, he also had all his medicinal recipes for the stillroom that he'd been collecting from all over the galaxy. He had a datahedron of them as well to be placed in the Hippocrates pharmacopoeia computer as well as other copies to be traded with the physicians throughout the galaxy for their recipes to be used on the ill.

The third carry-all, the biggest and heaviest one, held all the seeds for the plants mentioned in the datahedron for their effectiveness as medicaments. Again, they could be used in trade for things from the other worlds they visited and so keep the rivers of knowledge flowing without any trouble. He had learned long ago from his mom and sister that a fair exchange could easily make more friends and a better outcome than if people tried to come in and lord it over a populace because of superior knowledge or firepower. That was one reason he practiced with all the ancient weapons like swords, bolos, slings, Archery, even javelins with atlatls. Sure, he practiced with the projectile weapons and the phasers as was required, but if he could meet a group on equal "playing terms" with a civilization then it would be much easier to sit down with them for a profitable exchange of ideas.

His last carry-all was the most unusual for it was an old style frame rucksack that held enough equipment to set up a base camp for a stranded away team. It also held a 20th century style trauma kit under the main flap in case the power units in the medkits were drained. He knew he'd probably get a lot of jeers for looking at the worst possible scenario and planning for that but he was from the school of "It's better to have and not need than need and not have." To that end, he had his bow and quiver of arrows lashed to the frame of the pack and a full mountain climbing kit at the top. A wire saw and hatchet were attached to the waist belt along with supplies of shelter,warmth, food and water for a group of 8 for two weeks. True, they might get tired of the same old lemon cookie tasting nutrition bars but it would keep them going till they could get some real food in them and most of the times, surviving was winning in his tally.

He smiled as he looked over the ship. Maybe his past couldn't find him here and he still could do all he could to help people.


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