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Getting Ready For The Just In Case

Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 4:51am by Commander Shadow K'Trevala

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Shadow's quarters

Shadow had never been through the Boy Scouts but he had learned enough from living in the wilds of the Velgarth to know that, many times, survival depended on him and not only on some nebulous higher power. True, he was religious but, many times, when aid WAS given it was in the form of having to do something to be worthy of the aid, like if the people were hungry, there would be a large herd of deer coming along the trails. The food was there but the people had to do something, go hunt, to get it. That was the Way of the Star Eyed, She would only help after a person had exhausted all their own resources but, even then, that person had to work for Her Gifts. Such early lessons on self reliance made Shadow aware of the need for planning for any expedition and that was how he considered any away team mission. He never complained about how the others might tease him that he brought a backpack of gear along that might never get opened on a mission. It was alright, the few times that it had been used had proven the difference between life and death for several in the party.

He usually had the gear divided up into two bags: one for himself and the other for the shuttle. There was often times duplicates in the two bags usually the shuttle's bag being on a sled that could be easily dragged as needed through most terrain and would handle the needs of up to ten people, the usual maximum number of people in a shuttle. The team might be doing a LOT of roughing it if they couldn't use the shuttle as a home base so Shadow was prepared to see that it could be accomplished with the least amount of disruption to the team's mission and psyche. Not knowing what kind of climate they would be going into, he tried to make the pack as general as possible, to cover the most situations. Were they to go into the Permafrost and tundra regions or deserts, he'd add a few things to help deal with the extreme temperatures but he was happy with his general purpose pack on the whole.

He usually had in the main part of the backpack an emergency beacon, the pocket stove, firestarters, striker and fuelbars in a ziplock bag with the iodine crystals and a 2 m square piece of clear plastic for a solar still. Along with that, he supplemented the basic beginnings of the kit with several mylar blankets, a lightweight 3 m by 4 m tarp and 100 m of paracord to deal with tying the tarp down as need be. He added to the front map pocket a combination whistle/ mirror/ compass/ matchbox and striker steel along with a small magnifying glass and a few chunks of flint that he knew was good for making either arrowheads, spear heads or knives if they were needed and no other person had one. The same thinking also caused him to add a 100 m spool of snare wire in case they had to trap some small critter to eat.

For that very reason, he kept a extra sharp survival knife with all the accoutrements with it: a whetstone, wire saw and fishing set. That, along with his small hand axe in its sheath was kept on the waistbelt of the pack where they could be easily gotten to if needed. He kept a small trowel in a side pocket of the pack with a collapsed roll of rump ribbon for digging a cathole to take care of Nature's Calls. A bottle of hand sanitizer and another bottle of biodegradable soap also went into the "potty pocket" along with a dozen or so tealights to provide light when it was needed. He added a largish kettle, about a Liter capacity, that he had stuffed full of emergency ration bars, hard candies and coffee pellets in case there was nothing edible close by along with some metal cups with wire handles and a Spork or two.

Of course, he would add an extra expedition sized Medkit, and a 21st century, unpowered trauma kit knowing the need for it in case the first one was lost or used up. Those were stowed in the top of the pack while his take down bow was also added inside the pack with extra screws and strings in case they were needed while the quiver of 40 broadhead arrows was lashed to the side of the pack. The last thing on the pack, because it was lashed around like a horseshoe, was a 100 m long 11mm kernmantle climbers' rope in neon orange for half the distance and neon green for the other half. He never knew when that would turn out to be needed and there were a number of times that they had in the past.

The Shuttle survival pack he put together was fixed on a pullable sled that could be used as a backboard if the situation were dire enough to require it and could float without getting the contents of the lashed-on drybag duffel soaked. Shadow was a great believer in redundancies when it came to survival gear necessities so the sled was almost like a larger version of his own personal pack but this was organized into Modules to help keep the load manageable and in place in the duffel.

The first and heaviest module was the tools and weapons module consisting of five emergency beacons, five each axes and entrenching tools, ten survival knives like his and whetstones to go with them, fifty spools of snare wire, thirty metal spearpoints, forty phaser power packs, five 100m 11mm Kernmantle climbing ropes with 150 carabiners and different sized chocks, pitons, stoppers, loops and other mountain climbing essentials, five take-down bows with a total of 200 broadhead arrows in five quivers. Yes he knew that not many kept up with the more ancient style equipment for hunting and defense but he had also been in situations when the phaser power packs ran dry and they still had to deal with trouble, besides, arrows were recoverable and reusable.

The second Module dealt with the food situation and included both the tools there for prepping it and the like. He had put in there a large 10 L coffeepot as well as a kettle of the same size along with a collection of twenty sierra cups and sporks, ten pocket stoves, 200 fuel bars, twenty bottles of iodine crystals to purify any suspect water they found, 500 emergency ration bars along with cocoa and coffee pellets and a small collection of spices to help flavor anything that they cooked. He also added twenty 2 m square pieces of clear plastic and Liter sized plastic bags to create several solar stills in case the water was either nonexistent or too chancy to drink.

The third Module was the one that was closest to the top, the fire and shelter module. Shadow knew that there might be times when getting under shelter could be lifesaving and he didn't trust that there would a nearby handy cave to hide in. In this module he started off with four 10 m by 40 m tarps and 1500 m of paracord to help string everything into giant pup tents as was needed. He also included 10 magnesium blocks with strikers and steels though the knives would work as well. Included with each of the magnesium blocks were small canisters of oily lint and steel wool that could help start fires relatively easily, especially when any wood around where they were was soaked and it was less messy than carrying paraffin oil. Of course, he also put in a pair of one Kilo Halon fire extinguishers to help deal with the fires if they got too big. He also put in this module 2000 tealights to give more light when needed as well as warmth and 1000 zip ties to help secure the tarps to whatever they needed to. They could also be used to do any number of other useful tasks, a creative mind could not even begin to comprehend only a small portion of the list. He also added around fifty of the mylar blankets to help the others try to stay warm and also act as a signaling device for when the sun was up.

The fourth Module was the medical, personal gear and hygiene one in that it contained ten of the usual medkits that everyone would be familiar with from their basic first aid training and he managed to color code the hypospray medicine ampoules for the usual needs: yellow for general purpose antibiotics, blue for pain relief, clear brown for stimulants and red for anaphylaxis. He also had one of the ancient style major medical/surgical trauma kits with all the old style unpowered instruments in case something happened to the regular everyday medkits and he had seen times when that had happened too. He added in to that module ten basic toiletry kits with sanitizer, dental care, sunscreen, biodegradable soap, a small packtowel and insect repellant in zippered bags so that everyone could keep theirs with them. He grinned as he added in twenty collapsed rolls of rump ribbon. Rump Ribbon had a number of uses, doing anything from cleaning up derrieres, marking trails, acting as a makeshift bandage to starting a fire. Shadow added a collapsible bucket to also use as a sink if someone wanted to do a more thorough cleansing and didn't want to go skinny-dipping in the nearest stream. Also in the module, Shadow added for each person two notebooks and pens, a compass/ magnifier/ whistle/ signal mirror/ Matchbox with some hard candy in it to help keep their strength up, survival guides as well as fishing sets of hooks, line, bobber, split shot sinkers, bait balls and winding shuttle to act as a reel for the fishing line.

Each module was put in its own bag and placed in the duffel before the duffel was laced to the sled then the sled and duffel were placed next to the bulkhead and strapped down in case there was turbulence. No one needed something like that flying around the shuttle at such a time. He knew that people would think that he was either being paranoid or too cautious by his insistence on taking extra supplies every time, but when the disaster came and there was no way to immediately beam them out, they'd be singing a different song afterward and he'd just smile and nod, glad that everyone was back home and safe once more.


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