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Two of us

Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2021 @ 2:46am by Commander Shadow K'Trevala & Lieutenant Somna

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Sickbay- Arboretum
Timeline: TBD


{Sickbay- Arboretum}

Shadow was looking over every aspect of the near ship-sized sickbay they had at their disposal. It covered almost as much territory as many of the larger teaching hospital campuses back on the different planets throughout the Federation and he was more than happy to spend some time adding to the Arboretum with his collection of medicinal plants. He loved working with them, turning the plant materials into all sorts of medicines and having one wall of the lab covered in a gridwork of glassware to distill the plant essences was, to him, second only to Heaven, in allowing him to work with the beneficent nature of the plants. True, there were a number like Foxglove, that could be a dangerous poison, but only when given in too large a dose by the unwary. Given in smaller, more therapeutic doses, those dangerous plants could be lifesavers, like when distilling Atropine from Belladonna to help counteract some types of poisonings.

He was setting up the plants he'd brought in the Arboretum, according to their nature. The more dangerous ones he had fenced in with a red rope around the area they'd be growing in while the less innocuous ones were segregated with a white rope. Each plant had a stake beside it bearing its name and what the plant was often used for as well as the manner of its preparation such as a tea, poultice or distillation. Some plants had so many uses that they were given a number on the stake and the person wanting to use them was pointed to a pair of databases, either red or white, to give all the information on them and which part was to be used for which medication. He was relaxing with working with them in the sandy loam, something he enjoyed as much as playing his lap harp that was back in his quarters. Yes, helping the plants to grow was a peaceful and beneficent past time to keep the moments of extreme frenzy to save lives in perspective and he knew that there would be all too many of them during the upcoming missions. Like his sister, he had a constant war going with the three ancient enemies of the Healer: Pain, Disease and, most of all, the Shadow Lover, the name that his people had given to their personification of Death. He realized long ago that he might not always win against the three but he was there to balk them to the best of his ability.

Somna felt the presence of a familiarity that had been gone for some time. As a child she recognized the community of thought her empathic abilities generated along with her others. Since evacuation from Minaria her people had gone silent, mising from the Galactic landscape. The Vians had taken the homeworld population somewhere, leaving any Minarans outside their home system without a place to go. Somna had only found a handful of them over the years. Today she found another.

Setting the Padd she was working on down, her sense extended, enveloping the man in an empathic hug. Words without form became clear and precise as intentions and images, bypassing the usual language conventions. Wordlessly, Somna greeted Shadow.

*(Wonderful Day...isn't it?)(Fellow Minaran?!)(Ecstatic to meet you!)* Somna then signed her name, releasing the burst of mental energy that was her mental speech and accompanying title, linked to her simple one handed symbol.

*(The day is fantastic!)(Indeed, it seems like the Vians divided us all up into three or more groups on different planets, perhaps to prevent what happened to our original home from wiping out everyone again, Sister-Daughter of my distant ancestress.)(The day is all the brighter for our meeting. I'm called Shadow)* He hugged her tightly with his empathic senses before showing her his sign-name, a simple obscuring of his face with an open hand as he sent her what all had happened to his portion of the Peoples once the Vians took them to their new home in the Velgarth.

Somna was in rapture at the meeting of another Minaran. To date, she had only met a dozen others, in a refugee center. The Vians hadn’t saved everyone and the scattering of her species was something which filled her heart with tragedy. The empathic hug gave her a rush of euphoria nothing else could.

*(I am Somna, my name was given for my sleepwalking tendencies)* Somna overshared classically but with other empaths information often flowed out like a capillary action. She felt no embarrassment oddly enough. (The gathering of my species free from Vians is my grandest desire, I miss the times under violet lit moonscaped nights.)(I miss men, but not their voices)

Somna choked a bit at the unbidden tag on at the end. Her cheeks flushed slightly, *(I'm sorry just so excited!)*

Shadow smiled and added a physical hug, the type given between close relatives, to the one he was giving her empathically. *(It's alright, I have run across two other branches of our sundered family while in Starfleet, one large clan from New Gwynedd, all red hair, blue eyes and a penchant for practical jokes, yet who are as serious about Healing as we seem to be, except for one of the sisters of that family. She seems to be more geared to dealing with the healing of engines instead of people but if there is a need for a replacement limb or organ, there is none better that I have found. It's almost like what she could not do as a healer, she adapted to being able to still heal in a different way, a very special niche of healing that many of us cannot do because we don't seem to think that way.)* He smiled to her as he offered her one of the flowers that he was planting, one from back home that looked like a cross between a pansy and an orchid that he had managed to adapt to the foreign soil. *(I thought you might like to have a memory of our home to keep with you.)*

Somna was stunned to realize the breadth of her species spread and skill. It made the imperative of their reuniting all the more important. If what Shadow said had the weight she felt it did than her people were capable of true healing, body and soul *(Oh Shadow! That is wonderful, the flower is just too much it makes me happy and sad all at once)* It occurred to Somna she could not remember what she never had experienced. *(Shadow, I've never seen these flowers, were we from different worlds?)*

Shadow smiled and nodded to her. *( I truly believe that we can be a force for good throughout the Universe, maybe that is why we were saved, to be that force of healing for the Galaxy. But as for a flower, my mother collected seeds and plants from all over the lands, trading with others from different areas so they all could be from our home and yet we not know it.)*

Somna agreed, she was proud of her peoples resilience, and for the first time in her life since the Vians took her, she thought of a bright future. *(Shadow, I will treasure this. To have a piece of my home, no matter who small, you know what this means to me, don't you?)* She felt tears fall, and to the third party observer , a wordless exchange with a hug and flower was all the external input there was to go on. Their communication was fast, this whole exchange occurring in under a minute. *(Please let me help you with any project you have, and will you... teach me whatever you know? I have no knowledge of my home beyond the hardest memories to recall.)*

*(I'll be more than happy to help you however I can, Somna. It's the least I can do for a kinswoman.)* He told her as he gently wiped away the tears from her eyes and held her close. *(Want to help me plant some more of the flowers and herbs?)*

Somna nodded, words too much for her to handle, but emotions and the desire for input from Shadow was evident by the impressions she exuded. They were closer than two friends after many years, in just an instant. *(Yes Please, and show me more of home! I can't believe I've met another of my people after so long... thank you for your kindness.)* After gently clasping over the hands which embraced her tears, Somna took to her knees and gently got very close to the soil, seeing the new life breaking through. *(I want to learn all of this, I've only begun my medical schooling, I've only qualified for triage nurse.)*

*(Then we'll start with the plants and the healing magic they can bring.)* He told her as he moved back down to kneel in the dirt and set more plants in the soil to grow. As he pressed the seeds into the soil he told her. *(This is Felleton, from back home. A decoction of this in a syrup of wild cherries makes for a potent cough suppressant for those that need to rest at night. Some people would classify it as a narcotic due to its potency, but a spoonful per night is all that is needed.)*

For the rest of the folks in sickbay, a brief hug and emotional wellspring was all they could experience. Bereft of empathic sensory, the depth of dialogue could not be understood any other way. The species had been scattered but here was hope that maybe the species wasn't lost.


Lt Somna


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