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There's One in Every Family

Posted on Thu Apr 15th, 2021 @ 6:13am by Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Earth, Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Hacienda de Sandoval

Aimee lounged on the sofa of her childhood home. She was in the original part of the house built in the 17th century, over a hundred years before the American War of Independence.

The original estate had been granted by the King of Spain, Philip II to some ancient ancestor of hers. This ancestor had been the illegitimate and adulterous result between a Spanish noble and Mary I of England.

Aimee had a well worn acoustic guitar on her lap as she strummed through several chords harmonizing with the music. She continued playing as he step-father entered the room and sat down opposite of her.

She stopped her playing and set down the guitar, "Hey Milo." She always called him Milo instead of dad, but he was a dad to her.

"Hey kiddo," Milo said with a grin. He lifted his black cowboy hat off his head and put it on his knee. His black hair, which had started the thin on the top, was matted with sweat. "It's a hot one. These old adobe walls sure are nice."

Aimee looked around and then nodded, "Yeah, they are."

"You sound good kid. You could've done something with that voice of yours."

"I could have..."

Milo chuckled, "I'm not telling you want to do. It was just a compliment."

Aimee nodded. "I know. A little touchy I guess."

"Your mom wants the best for you. When you were little you always said you wanted to be a starship captain. Going to be hard as a doctor."

"I also said I wanted to be a pony so I wouldn't have to do chores. Things change."

Milo laughed, "They do indeed. My parents were none to pleased when I left New York to come out here to be a Cowboy. I reckon it worked out pretty good for me." He sighed, cowboying is my family's DNA. At least for the Sackett side. That ranch they have in Colorado.... well, its just a tourist trap now, but it was a real ranch at one time."

"I wouldn't call three horses and a milk cow a ranch," Aimee said wryly.

Milo smiled, "No, I suppose not. Not much call for the old ways. I think I was definitely born to the wrong century."

"I suppose you were." Aimee picked up her guitar and started playing an old country song appropriate to the situation. She finished, "That is how I feel about medicine." She smirked, "And you know, I think I got a bit of that cowboy drifter spirit in me too. Never liked being one place too long."

Milo shook his head, "Kid, it ain't much of a life drifting along from one place to another, but there are worse ones. When do you ship out?"


"Well don't leave without telling your mom goodbye. She's proud of you even if she won't let you see it."

"I'll stop by her office in the morning. You'd think she could find some time to come home."

"I don't know what it is, but it sounds important. Got your sister roped into it."

"Poor Livvy," Aimee said with a groan.

Milo laughed.

* * *
It was one of those rare perfect days in San Francisco. Aimee had beamed to the transporter station about three blocks from Starfleet Command the next day. With her duffle bag over her shoulder and guitar case in one hand and violin in the other she walked the rest of the way.

A Chief Petty officer looked up from her desk when Aimee entered her mother's office. Aimee had never seen the woman. She had a stern expression of an NCO who had dealt with officers for years, and really didn't like them much. "Can I help you?"

"Admiral Talon if you would Chief."

"Do you have an appointment?"


"Then contact scheduling and they will put you onto the Admiral's schedule."

"Chief," Aimee said patiently. "Tell the Admiral Dr. Sandoval is here to see her. That's an order."

The NCO slowly peeled off her glasses and set them on the desk before pressing the comm, "Admiral, a Lieutenant Sandoval is here to see you."

"Lieutenant?" Her mother's voice returned. "Oh, of course send her in."

Aimee gave the NCO a fake smile, and a "Thank you" dripping with sarcasm. Entering the office arms wrapped around her, "Aims!"

Olivia, her twin sister had practically tackled her. Aimee hugged her back , "How are you doing Livvy! You made Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"I see you are no longer on the Hope," Her mother stated simply. "About time you finished that residency."

"Thanks mother. Good to see you too."

Rebecca Talon lifted her coffee cup and took a sip. Setting it down on a coaster she spoke, "What happened to being a starship captain?"

"Mother, we've already had this discussion. That's not important to me now. I love my job."

"Dealing with upset tummies women's hoohas? You are better than that," Rebecca said simply. "The Starfleet Medical hospital on Mars is looking for an administrator. I know a few of the people on the selection committee that can get you on. That should give you the leadership experience to take command. Even if it is a hospital ship."

"Mom!" Aimee said exasperated. "I love my job. I'm helping people. It's my life. Will you stay out of it?"

Rebecca looked at her daughter for a long moment and reluctantly nodded. "If that's what you want then so be it. Where do they have you assigned?"

"The Hippocrates."

"I've heard of it. Can't remember who the captain is."

"No! Mom, no meddling please! Let me live my life. Livvy can be your protégé."

"Thanks for throwing me under the bus," her sister said.

"Oh come on, Liv. You and I both know you love doing this."

Livvy smirked and shrugged in acceptance, "Yeah, I do. But, I have to admit I am a bit jealous."

"No you aren't. You just think you would like to get out from under mom's thumb."

"Girls," Rebecca announced loudly. "Liv and I have to get back to work. When do you have to report to your ship?"

"Soon," Aimee admitted. "I guess I should get going." Aimee and Livvy gave each other a long hug. She gave her mother a quick hug and with that she was off on her next adventure.


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