USS Hippocrates


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Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 @ 9:10pm by Ensign Alexis Roberts & Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval
Edited on on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 @ 10:03pm

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: USS Hippocrates, Main Sickbay
Timeline: MD 2: 0700

It was a very long and crazy first day for Nurse Lexi Roberts, especially after she had to treat a crewman after getting his arm broken from a fallen pallet back in the cargo bay. Now, she was back in her normal area of Sickbay as she was giving introductory medical exams to all of the newcomers of the Hippocrates as they arrived. Through the grapevine, she was hearing about another new arrival. Who this person was or what this person would be assigned to, she was not privileged with that information... for now though, she was glad that she didn't have to speak to a lot of people at the moment. Little did she know that all of that would change pretty quickly.

"Uh... nurse?" Aimee Sandoval looked completely and utterly lost.

It was by coincidence that Lexi noticed the new arrival out of the corner of her eye. If the new arrival came in behind her, Lexi probably would have not noticed her. Turning towards the new officer, she turned up her volume on her phones and tried to speak as best as she could. "Yess... mah Ah hep ya?'" She asked softly as she lowered her tricorder down on the table.

Aimee stared at her for a moment thinking, and awkwardly and about every third or fourth sign was completely wrong, but she worked through her limited vocabulary of sign language. "I am Doctor Sandoval. I take it you are deaf?"

Lexi let out a soft giggle as her voice gave it all away. "Yess... ah wus born dis way. Ah am not goin ta let eet stop me frum helpin peeple, dough. " She smiled softly as she reached out with her right hand in a handshake. "Nurrs Roberts. Ett is gud ta meet ya."

Aimee smiled and took the offered hand in a shake. From experience she knew most deaf people were adept at reading lips so didn't bother to continue to sign. "The pleasure is all mine. So, where do I check in?"

Lexi let out a wider smile as she was glad that her lip reading was at her peak. "Jus ovar here at dis table. Dere is a PADD dat signs us in fer duty. Ah'm am sure dat ya found yer quar.... auar.... ugh... aaaways a hard wurd fer me to say..." She decided to use the traditional ASL to sign her way to mentioned Aimee's quarters as in a question.

Aimee shook her head, "No one told me. I stowed my stuff in a locker at one of the gyms." She smiled with embarrassment. This was all new to her. The Hope had been an Excelsior Class and the CO a family friend, so her hand was practically held the entire first day.

"Ahh... Well... Ahh am sure dat you will get sum... room ta stay here sume time soon." She nodded softly as she was very surprised that the Quartermaster didn't do his job in leading Aimee to her new quarters. For now though, she decided to be like a guide for the new doctor. Since she had her hands free, she decided to sign the next thing that she had on her mind. "Would you like for me to show you around the ship or get you acquainted here in Sickbay?"

"Sure," Aimee replied. "So what is your specialty?"

Lexi thought about that for a second before signing her response. "I am just an Ensign as you can tell... but if I had a specialty right now, it would be trauma care. I am always willing to learn new things beyond my training."

Aimee decided that she liked this woman. She seemed to have a cool head on her shoulders, and trauma care meant exposure to blood. "I'll keep that in mind if I ever have to do surgery. I need someone who isn't going to freak out or faint at the sight of blood. And ensign or not, rank has no place in a medical bay. We don't command ships. We make it so the people doing the commanding can keep doing that. My college roommate was deaf. I regret now not learning more sign language, but I can generally read it better than signing it myself."

Lexi let out a wide smile as she was starting to like Aimee as well. She always found it hard to speak to someone but she was glad that she didn't have to speak to her all of the time. This made things much better for her in getting her points across. "That is the best thing! I try not to speak unless I really have to... as you can tell. And don't worry. Blood is natural and it is very hard to freak me out... unless you surprise me of course." She signed as she let out a harsh laugh at the end of her 'words.'

"Well, if all goes well I won't have to do any surgeries. But, we all know medicine has this annoying habit of doing what it shouldn't. Take you for example. Implants, genetic modification, and drugs generally correct for hearing loss, but for a small subset those measures just don't work. Or take someone like my mother's secretary. She has to wear glasses. For 99 percent of us Retinox 5 works just fine." Aimee shrugged, "Well... here we are, and I guess that's job security."

Lexi softly smiled with Aimee's explanation. Sometimes, drugs and implants can really help people but for others, technology has a long way to catch up to the ailments. "Yes. Job security is what we can all wish for. As long as there are people in need to be healed, we will always have a job." Lexi signed back as she was very happy to have Aimee on her side. In her position as a Trauma nurse, she didn't quite see the big picture just yet.. Right now, she was glad to make a new friend who could be one that she could work with if any emergencies happen in the future.

"So, what's the CMO like? Should I be worried?"

Lexi let out a soft giggle as she smiled. "The CMO has not made it here to the ship yet... but I have a very good feeling that the CMO will be willing to work with us in what we need to do."

"Well," she stated looking around, "Then I guess it's up to us to get sickbay organized for the CMO's arrival."

"Agreed. Where do you suggest that we start with?" Lexi signed back with an anticipating smile.

Aimee tapped her chin in thought. "I suppose we should do an inventory. Make sure we have everything and It's in working order. There's also the crew files and physicals." She shrugged. "This is a new situation for me." She smiled, "Of course we could play hooky. Who's going to reprimand us?"

"As far as I know, nobody at the moment... though I think that we should split the inventory and hooky time to reasonable amounts." Lexi signed back sort of cautiously as she remembered her academy days where she was watched a lot of the time.

Aimee nodded, "Unfortunately I have to agree. If I know Starfleet captains they have a tendency to want to leave immediately and without warning. I would hate to be needing something and not have it."

Lexi let out a harsh laugh with as much of what she could speak but with that laugh, it was in full agreement. "Yes. Captains want their things now and on the double from what I have seen." She agreed with her signing as she looked back at Aimee. "So should we get to work... or play hooky for a bit?" She asked with her signing.

"Let's get it over with, and then we can figure out something to do afterwards... like locating my quarters."

Lexi nodded softly as she signed back. "I agree. Shall we head to the Quartermaster and get you settled in?" She asked with her fingers flying around in her signing.

Aimee grinned. She had actually missed most of what Lexi had signed, but she was pretty sure she got the gist of it. "Slow down," she teased. "I'm not an android, but yeah, let's."


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