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Together At Last

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 8:59am by Captain Kimberly Rhodes & Ensign Alexis Roberts & Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval & Lieutenant Commander Olivia "Livvy" Sandoval
Edited on on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 7:39pm

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Shipside: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD 2: 1230

Aimee stared incredulously at her sister standing in front of her holding a tray of food. “Hey Aims,” Livvy announced as she sat down across from her without an invitation.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Aimee said with a scowl.

“I’ve been posted here.”

“I thought you were helping mother? I suppose this was her idea huh?”

Livvy shook her head as she sliced a chunk of meatloaf with her fork and took a bite, “No not this time. It wasn’t her idea to meddle with you. I wanted to come here. Aims we’re sisters, hell we’re more than that. We’re each other’s half.”

“Liv… we’re fraternal. We aren’t identical.”

Livvy shrugged, “Yeah well, it’s always been us; you and I against the world. We needed nothing, and needed no one.”

Aimee sighed and took a sip of her coffee. Livvy was right of course. She always felt like a part of her was missing when her sister wasn’t there. She had after all used up an entire month’s worth of transporter credits in the first two weeks at Oxford visiting Liv at Starfleet Academy. “It’s good to see you Liv. I have missed you. Yesterday…. Yesterday was far too brief.”

“I know!” Livvy exclaimed and took a sip of her own coffee to wash down her food. “But don’t be mad. I did you mom to get posted to this ship. I hope the captain doesn’t resent that. I would if I was in her place.”

“Well, nepotism sometimes does have its benefits, but yeah, probably not something we should get used to doing. Most folk hate that. Hell I hate that! I’m just glad we have a different last name than mom.”

“Not that it makes a lick of difference,” Livvy added, “COs have an annoying habit of reading our files.”

Aimee laughed, “How dare they be through! Worse than a Chief Medical Officer!”

“How’s that working out?”

“Damned if I know, haven’t met him… or her. Everyone is still filtering in from other assignments or leave. The Captain? What are you doing on board here?”

Liv shrugged, “I haven’t met her either. I just beamed aboard, and went in search of you. And truth be told, I am not looking forward to having that first conversation after forcing myself onboard.”

“Coward,” Aimee teased.

“Coward or someone smart enough to give the captain a chance to simmer down?”

They both laughed. “Chief Engineer?” Aimee inquired as she forked a chunk of lettuce dripping in vinaigrette.

“Second Officer and Operations.”

“Look at you. You’re bucking for youngest captain aren’t we?”

“No,” Livvy replied, “More of that nepotism again.”

They both burst into a fit of giggles that drew angry looks from the crew around them. They ignored it. They were after all used to those looks. They were together again, and Aimee didn’t care one iota as to how it came about or how annoying they were to her shipmates at that very moment.

It was during those burst of giggles and the looks that everyone gave to the two sisters that Captain Kimberly Rhodes entered the Mess Hall. With getting everyone settled in along with other things that happened on the ship before her arrival, Kim was ready to relax and get something to eat. Lunch time seemed to be the appropriate time to relax as she entered to see the giggles between the two almost identical looking women and the sight of people staring at them. She figured that the two women would not cause any harm but she knew that she was very highly visible with her four pips on her uniform as she went through the line of people to get their food.

Though Kimberly didn't hear the small comment by the other woman, she was willing to come over to their table. "Sure. Let me finish going through the line like everyone else." Kimberly replied back with her voice carrying a bit. Once she got her food on her tray, she made her way over to the table where the two sisters were sitting at. "Thank you for inviting me over. You must be Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval, our new medical officer." She looked over at Aimee with a soft smile while looking over at Livvy. "And you are her sister, Commander Olivia. It is very wonderful to meet you both." Kim admitted as she set her food on the table. "It is not often that other officers invite the Captain to sit down with them but I do appreciate the both of you inviting me here." She added on as she finished setting her food down.

Aimee and Livvy looked at each other with surprise. "You're welcome captain," they said in unison.

Kimberly noticed the voices speaking in unison as she let out a small smile. "Looking at your records, I knew that you were sisters... but are you twins? I can sense that the both of you can almost sense what the other thinks in a way... like a bond." She admitted as she took a look at their trays of food for a bit. "Those trays of food look very interesting. Did our chef outdo himself today?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am, we are twins," Livvy said. "The meatloaf is good."

"Just a salad for me," Aimee giggled, "but the coffee is excellent.”

Kimberly let out a soft giggle as she finally took a look at the two trays. "I am glad that he made the meatloaf very good." She admitted as she looked at the both of them. "You both are very different but almost the same in some ways from what I am seeing. I never had the pleasure of having a sister or a brother here but... what is it like between... sisters like you both?" She asked before she took the first bite of the meatloaf that she ordered earlier.

They looked at each other, and there was an obvious non-verbal exchange. "Hard to say captain," Aimee said.

"It's like having a best friend who KNOWS everything about you," Liv tried to explain.

"It sounds weird, but when we are separated it's like when an amputee feels a phantom limb, like something is missing."

Kimberly nodded softly as she heard the story... but another thing seemed to distract her from behind. Hearing a lot of shouting from the Chef and some very harsh sounding words from a woman that had some sort of headphones on, she knew exactly who the woman was as she sighed. "Nurse Roberts. Her and the Chef have been at it since he never gets her order right and... she gets very... mad to say the least when her order isn't right. Can any of you help her?' She asked softly.

"I'll take care of this," Aimee said as she pushed her tray away. "Lexi and I are... well, not sure exactly what we are just yet, but we can communicate, and that's key here. Just don't maim my sister captain."

Livvy shot her a look.

Aimee hurried over to Lexi and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, what can I do?"

Lexi looked very frustrated and very mad as she was taken by surprise. Her fist was in a ball and she was just about ready to swing when she held back at the last moment upon seeing Aimee's face. Looking at Aimee in shock, she finally brought her arm down but she was still very mad at what was going on. Signing very frantically, she tried her best to communicate with her new found friend. "Chef never listens... bad... food... can't do... right." She signed in her frustrations as she let out a harsh scream to let everything out.

Kimberly looked back over at Livvy as she let out a soft smile. "Don't worry, you are safe here. I have been where you were at, climbing through the ranks so I have a good feeling what you are going through there. I noticed that you are my new Second Officer and my Chief of Ops. I haven't had the chance to look at your records thoroughly but, can you help me to know a little more about you?" She asked softly.

"Uh.... well, captain. I was the assistant chief engineer on the Ajax and construction supervisor at Utopia Planita for the last eight years." She purposely left out her short stint under her mother at the ADSB.

"I see. I am sure that you had your fair share of... unexpected situations that came your way during those building of new ships. Do you have any thing from that time that is... memorable to you, whatever the situations were... good or bad?" Kimberly asked while listening to the argument behind her.

Livvy hummed in thought, "Well, it's always a challenge to get so many people organized and moving in the right direction, especially the relationship between Starfleet and civilians. Of course I also had to take the designs of the engineers and make them reality. What works on paper doesn't always translate into a functional starship."

"Whoa, slow down Lexi," Aimee's voice could be heard from the table. "I'm not that good at sign language."
Kimberly nodded softly. "I totally agree. What Starfleet needs are and what the civilians visions are are not quite on the same page. I would guess that your supervisory position was more of an.. advisory role?" She asked softly.

Lexi did all that she could to keep herself from blowing up and just rage leaving in her frustrations but she decided to give Aimee another chance. Still, she was signing frantically but it was of a less speed. "This jerk of a Chef can not even get my order right. I order meat when he gives me beets. Who in their right mind has beets as their main course!?" She signed back as her frustrations continued.

"Which meat?" Aimee asked. "The meatloaf?"

Lexi emphatically shouted out. "YESS!"

Aimee patiently translated the order to the chef. She also suggested that in the future he could provide Lexi with a menu for her to check off so that there wouldn't be any more confusion. "Come Lexi, and eat with us. You shouldn't have to deal with incompetence."

Livvy chuckled, "That's my sister. She's always the diplomat. She has more empathy than I could ever hope to have and she can read a room. Supervisory?" Liv asked returning to the subject. "Somewhat, but I was in the trenches building the ship too. I was no desk jockey."

Kimberly smiled softly as she was getting to know more about her second officer. "I was hoping that you would say that. I like people getting into the action and helping others get the job done. We are all a team and the team is only as strong as its weakest link. If that weakest link is a leader, that magnifies things tenfold and then, we would have a very serious problem."

Lexi was slowly starting to calm down after hearing Aimee's suggestions. "Thank you... and sitting with the Captain? I don't know. Should I?" She asked in her signs very hesitantly.

Aimee shook her head, "Lexi if a captain can't share a friendly meal with her officers she ain't worth a hill of beans. She puts her uniform on just like you and me."

They approached the table. "Guys this is Lexi," Aimee introduced. "Lexi may I introduce you to the captain and my sister Livvy."

Lexi was still very hesitant but she did approach the table and cautiously took a seat at the very far end. "Ha.... llo." She spoke softly as her anger turned into doubt very quickly.

"Hello Nurse Roberts. I am finally glad to see the face to match the special headphones. Don't worry about me, I won't bite... much." She let out a sarcastic giggle which she hoped would ease Lexi's tensions.

Lexi nodded softly but softly turned away. "Danks... Ceptan." She meekly said before opening up the cover to her food and slowly eating the meatloaf.

"I told you she's a diplomat," Liv said to the captain.

"I am not," Aimee denied. "I listen to people. It's part of being a doctor."

"If you say so, Ambassador," Liv teased.

Kimberly listened to the teasing but was starting to think of the future with Aimee. Even though it was her first meeting with Aimee, she could see a lot of potential in the future in the Medical Officer.

Lexi basically stayed to the sidelines for now as she was enjoying her meatloaf... letting out a few soft smiles as finally, her order was given to her right after a day long battle to dealing with the chef.

"Well captain," Aimee announced as she stood up from the table. "It was good to meet you. Lexi, when you are done, come down and meet me in the nursery. I think that's last place we need to inventory."

Lexi nodded softly as she decided to place the cover on her food and join Aimee as no word needed to be said.

Kimberly nodded. "Thank you all for joining me in this... eventful meal. I will talk to you all soon." She replied back as she saw Lexi leaving rather quickly and towards Aimee.

“Always Captain. It was a pleasure." With that Aimee whisked away.

Livvy smirked, "I think my sister made a friend. Captain, I want to thank you."

"For what? I was just doing what a Captain should do." Kimberly softly smiled as she looked at Aimee and Lexi leaving. "I think those two... are made for each other. I sense they are going to click very much."

"Well ma'am..." she hesitated and then dove head first. "For how I got assigned to this ship. I'm sure you would have liked pick your own officers... especially since my qualifications may or may not be the best. But, Aimee is my sister. We belong together. So thank you for not reading me the riot act."

Kimberly let out a wide smile as she explained herself. "Sometimes, family can be a good source of belonging. I was assigned to a few ships myself where there were a few family members onboard. The closer we are to family, the better it can be, I do believe."

Livvy smiled, "Still, I appreciate that you are giving me a chance despite my connections." She piled up her tray, "I suppose it's past time I report to the bridge. Until later ma'am.?"

Kimberly nodded softly as she saw Livvy picking up her tray. "Yes. I will see you soon when I report to the bridge myself." She replied back as she decided to continue her meal... which was getting very cold now. "Oh well... good to meet the crew, that is the most important thing." She admitted before standing up and leaving towards her quarters with her tray, knowing that she could reheat her meal when the time could come.



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