USS Hippocrates


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Healing Touch

Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2021 @ 2:31am by Lieutenant Commander Olivia "Livvy" Sandoval & Ensign Bikram Auden & Lieutenant Somna

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Sickbay R&D

So I figure Bikram is setting up Somna with an empathic interface for her computer work and has an idea these two bring to Livvy for your approval to try out?

{Ward 11- Sickbay}

Bikram attached the diodes gently, the interface was wired directly to Somnas nervous system. He waved at her when it was done, careful not to upset her by speaking aloud. Somna opened her eyes slowly, taking in light as they always did but now with a Cognitive mesh interface filtering the data through its buffers to interpolate the data with empathic hash marks. This enabled a return signal from the computer even though it wasn't empathic, she was and could handle the data for both sides of the conversation.

*"Dos working Bikram! Whoa!" Somnas voice yelled practically, her excitement audible externally for the first time in her life.

Bikram squelched the speaker, and shut down the inputs to ten percent, Somnas voice returned with a more manageable tone and she was able cognitively delay the outgoing signal so stream of consciousness wasn't an option.

*"Bikram it's working this is wonderful- Do I have to have that voice- did he pick that- its ghastly, what could I pick?"

Bikram giggled, "You'll have to work on what gets sent to the voice circuit, or the second layer thoughts will slip in from time to time. It's a generic monotone you can get anything in the UT. Try the Fishmen of Tyrus VII, they use bubbles and pressure waves in their glottis, fascinating methods to their singing really."

He smiled as he said it, pulling up more conventional tones on a list for her. Somna got the bit and nodded, *"Might help me with blurting things out-Please don't tell any secrets I say."

He grinned, "Safe with me I promise. If this is working well enough I'd like to take this to Shadow and see if he wants to use the voice interface? Probably need a CO to approve as well before I go installing hardware into crew. It feels okay? You only need to wear it a little while longer and it will be programmed."

Somna nodded, *"I will talk to Shadow-he might take offense from you-Sorry Bikram I'm trying very hard to say only one thing."

"Hey don't be sorry, we will get it figured out. We have a few crew, aquatic, or deaf, or other reasons, but this could let them speak normally and I think that makes a difference in how we interact. I can talk to LC Sandoval about getting this system installed shipwide.

*"Deal, call me when you speak to the commander, and I can go to Shadow."


=/\= Bikram to Commander Sandoval?

Livvy was sitting at the Ops station wishing for a cup of coffee. She was tired. Tired and bored. She missed engineering and crawling around in Jefferies' tubes, but here she was.

The comm broke the monotony of the report she was compiling. "Go ahead Mr. Birkram. What can I do for you?"

Bikram replied, "Hello, sir. Id like to run a systems access upgrade, I've got the chiefs permission if we have your permission. Are you available soon to come by ward 11 in sickbay?"

"On my way." Livvy got her replacement and then made her way down to Ward 11.

Not really knowing what to expect she approached Bikram, "What can I do for you Ensign?"

Somna was happy to do the talking, stepping up and making it clear she was taking the lead. Her computer voice was operatic and smooth, *"we have an empathic vocalizer circuit, -it doesnt hurt- We are learning -Bikram shouldn't get credit- the paths but it's nearly ready I think. Sorry for confusion my brain sends too many signals."

To his credit, Bikram wasn't offended, and gently added, "I have been assisting the lieutenant with a personal terminal, but it occurred to me her empathic lace is something we can conduct within ships comms and UT."

"Okay," Livvy replied. "Not impossible. An optronic relay could help with the interface. It would take writing some software."

Somna nodded, *"Anywhere in the ship?" Bikram was also in agreement, "I've begun a patch to make the UT understand intent versus subtext, but that is beyond my software skills currently. However the lace can run along the ODN pathways to avoid new drops or conduit design." Somna focused and managed a perfect sentence, *"With your permission we can have the lace installed and finish the coding on our own time, I don't want to cause delay but this could be a good thing for many crew who can't speak aloud."

"Software isn't what I'm best at either, but I have someone in mind. Lieutenant Detweiler is an accomplished coder."

"So I can go ahead with ship wide installation based on the Chief's designs?" Bikram wanted her to say yes so badly it hurt. The chance to see every inch of this ship was too much to bear.

"You may explore the possibility. Get me a full report, and I will present it to the Captain and XO. This not a decision I'm willing to unilaterally make."

It was as expected, he had figured the scope was beyond one persons abilities anyway. "I sure can, sorry to presume otherwise... and if we are going to revisit every corner of the ship possibly I'd also suggest placing additional holo-emitters in key areas which presently lack them, I've only got a set in the Bridge and Sickbay, and a partial set in Engineering. Hippocrates could use some updates for its holodeck anyway, its a generation out of date. We could do these both at the same time."

"This is a medical ship, not a cruise ship sailing off for spring break. I suggest you keep that in mind." Livvy said. "To that end, upgrades to existing infrastructure shouldn't be an issue. Speak with the Chief Engineer and get it on the schedule."

Bikram furrowed his brow at the tone, "Yes sir. I'll speak to the Chief and have a report ready as soon as possible. Thank you for your time."

"You are very welcome. Is there anything else?"

Bikram shook his head, looking to Somna, he mouthed, "Anything else?" Somna shook her head, *"A cruise ship has better drinks."

"Very well," Livvy said. "I look forward to the report."

Bikram was red in the face, Somna wanted to curl up and fall through the floor. She took the lace off her head and couldnt make eye contact. Bikram saved her, "It's a work in progress, subtext, versus intent... I'll get it by the end of the day sir. The report will be on your desk by morning."

"Do not rush," Livvy advised. "Be thorough without being long winded. I really don't want to sift through a hundred pages of superfluous nonsense to get to the important information. And please don't call me sir. That feels weird. How about Liv or Commander?"

Bikram tried to say Liv, but stammered out, "Lll... Commander... is good for you so I can go with that. No rushing, No extra information, yes Commander, thank you." He wasn't making a good impression which only added to the heat under his collar, rushing more blood to his cheeks. Somna was entering in a chain of commands, in order to stay busy.

Livvy bowed her head, "Have a good day." With that she turned and headed back to the bridge.


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