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Unspoken Times

Posted on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 @ 6:28am by Commander Veva Mattox

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Earth, Japori Sector - Japori II
Timeline: MD 1 - 14:00

===Shuttlecraft - Golden Gate Park===

Veva looked down at the PADD that was thrust into her hands when she had stood up from her seat next to a very beautiful woman. Her eyes narrowed at the Star Fleet crewman that had boarded the shuttle that both she and Kim had taken to be alone. She could see the fear behind this young crewman’s green eyes.

Her mouth narrowed as she knew who had sent this PADD to her. Closing her eyes she nodded for the crewman to disappear. Which he promptly did without so much as a stutter in his step.

As soon as Kim’s feet hit the pavement of the path that led into the park Veva turned and looked at Kim for a brief moment before she turned around and reentered the shuttle. She reached over and closed the ramp and turned to the rest of the occupants of the shuttle.

“You have two choices. You either get off here or you stay on board and head to Star Fleet HQ. I am commandeering this vessel under Star Fleet orders.”

Two couples exited out of the rear ramp while the remainder stayed where they were. Even with her back to Kim, she could feel the woman’s eyes boring into the back of her skull. She looked down at the pilot and nodded to the young woman. She lipped out, ‘Go’, as tears could be seen swelling up at the edges of her eyes. The young woman nodded as she saw both the confused look on Kim and the pain in Veva’s eyes.

Veva closed her eyes, ‘Kim, please forgive me. God if there is one, keep her safe until I am able to return to her.’, she thought to herself as she remained standing there.

Once the shuttle lifted off she took a seat. Once her butt hit the seat and her back came to a rest on the back of the seat; did the tears that she had held back start to flow free. She had finally found someone to care deeply about once more, and what had sucked was how it was again ripped from her.

=== Star Fleet HQ===

As the shuttle came to a halt on a pad outside of the gates that led to the main building of Star Fleet, Veva, reached up and wiped away the remaining tears and the stains on her cheeks. She looked out the window that she had leaned up against and her eyes once more narrowed to the grey uniforms of the security detachment that an Admiral Whitmire had sent to collect her.

Standing up she exited out of the craft and looked deadlocked into the man that head dared to take a step toward her. As soon as he had taken that step he realized his mistake and tried to correct it. He came to a halt a breath away from Veva who had cleared the ramp and the distance in less time.

“What does that son of a bitch want?” She asked in a tone that meant she wanted nothing less than the exact answer.

The man swallowed trying to wet his suddenly dry mouth. The stench of fear emanated off of him. Once more he tried to swallow and yet again failed. He then attempted to answer her question in a voice that sounded like a dead frog was stuck in his throat.

Seeing that she wasn’t going to get anything out of this man she shoved past him and headed for the gates. The security detachment tried as it might to keep up with her, and failed to do so.

===Admiral Whitmire’s Office===

Veva didn’t even wait for the receptionist to announce that she was there to Whitmire when she threw open the door to his office. She strolled over to the Admiral and was followed shortly by the detachment of security that was issued to her. Veva looked at Whitmire and looked at her and then at the group behind her.

“You all and disappear,” he stated to the security team that had followed her in.

Once the door was closed behind Veva he looked at her and cocked his head to the side as he knew what was about to happen. He could see the anger on her face let alone pulsating off her body.

“I see that…” He was cut off as Veva placed her hands on his desk and leaned in.

“You don’t own me anymore, Mr. Whitmire,” she stated with venom in her voice.

He looked at her and narrowed his eyes and he leaned back in his chair.

“Commander, I own you until the day you stop breathing,” he stated with a calm voice.

Veva’s eyes narrowed even further. She shook her head as she continued to look into his eyes. Of all the people that she had dealings with during her time in the Fleet, this Admiral was one of the few that was ever able to get under her skin.

Shoving herself up off of his desk her hands moved back behind her back as she stood there looking out the window that was behind Whitmire.

“What does the Admiral wish for his Agent to do?” Her tone was emotionless as she spoke.

Whitmire nodded as he saw her demeanor change to a compliant soldier. He leaned forward and steepled his fingers as he continued to look at Veva. His eyes were cold as they bore into her’s as he thought of the mission that he would be sending Veva on; a one-way mission with almost no chance of survival. He grinned inward as he thought of how her body would be displayed after her death.

===Special Mission - Japori II===

Veva left Star Fleet HQ dressed in all grey, having relinquished her red uniform and her rank of Commander. Whitmire had gone as far as to place a letter of dissociation on her record so that should she be captured on her mission and held for a ransom; that it would not seem that the Admiral had placed her on this mission. Unbeknownst to her, this mission would be a one-way mission, at least in Whitmire’s eyes.

Boarding an awaiting shuttle that sat guarded just outside of the gates to Star Fleet HQ, Veva, looked back to the main building, and where Whitmire’s office was. Her blue eyes bore into the shadow that stood silhouetted in the window. She knew that Whitmire was watching her leave. Just before she boarded the shuttle she snatched a PADD out of a security crewman’s hand and inserted a message for Whitmire. She then handed it back to the crewman and grabbed him by the collar of his uniform.

“You hand-deliver that PADD to Admiral Whitmire. Do you understand?” she stated to the man as he looked down at the PADD that was back in his hands. He looked back up at her and saw the iciness in her now cold blue eyes.

As she took her seat on the shuttle she looked out the window at the silhouetted figure in the window of Whitmire’s office, and then once more at the man that was still looking at the PADD in his hands. He looked up at Veva as the shuttle lifted off and appeared to turn around and head for the building that Whitmire was in. The shuttle swiftly turned and she lost sight of the man and only hoped that he completed the order that she had given him.

As the shuttle left Earth’s atmosphere, Veva, caught sight of the Hippocrates still in the cradling arms of the McKinley Station. Feelings of regret and pain once more surfaced within Veva as she thought of Kim and how she left her standing there on the path into the Golden Gate Park. She closed her eyes and pushed those feelings aside because right now at this moment she had a mission to focus on and complete.

A sudden jolt caused Veva to open her eyes and she then realized that the shuttle had landed in the main shuttle bay of the USS Theta.

“So, it begins,” she softly said to herself as she stood up and exited out of the shuttle and into the escort of the ship’s Captain and two security personnel.

The Captain opened his mouth to speak but Veva silenced him with a lift of her hand.

“With all due respect Captain. I am not here to hear the speech that I sure you have made for me on the request of once Admiral Whitmire,” she stated as she stood there.

The Captain nodded his head and took the lead to escort Veva to the quarters that she would be using in the three hours that it took to reach Japori II. As she set down her small black bag she turned and looked at the Captain and nodded to the man.

“This will do, Captain,” she stated as she stood there. Without further words, he nodded and departed the cabin to leave Veva alone with her thoughts.

She remained where she was for a moment. Her eyes glued to the now-closed door. Her thoughts were of Kim and the pain that she was sure the woman was feeling because she was feeling the same pain in her chest. Once more she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she turned about and headed for the small black bag that was on the floor next to the bed. She reached for the bag and set it on the bed. She then placed her thumb on the scanner portion of the lock and a soft beep sounded as her thumbprint was scanned. The lock released the zipper on the bag and she opened the back. Inside lay a single; phase pistol and black clothing on top of a black cloak. After she examined each item in the bag, Veva, closed the bag and relocked the lock over the zipper.

Veva stood next to the cabin’s replicator. She knew that she was going to need something to calm her mind and fire her soul. So she ordered a Romulan Ale. The computer denied her access to the drink until she entered her security code. A soft beep sounded and the receptacle of the replicator light up and a glass of dark midnight blue-colored liquid appeared. She reached in and removed the glass of Ale from the replicator and brought the contents to her lips. After taking a hefty draw from the glass she lifted the remainder up for closer inspection. A satisfying smile crossed her lips as she set the glass on the table next to the replicator.

After taking a seat on the bed she pulled her legs up under her and closing her eyes slipped into a meditative state. She could feel the effects of the alcohol in her body soothing her mind as she sat there. She also felt so she believed, it affecting her instinctive nature, steeling her for the upcoming mission, one that, if she failed, would mean her very existence would cease to exist. Normally she wouldn’t have cared, but with the recent events that had recently transpired today, she knew that she had no choice but to beat the odds going against her and come out on top, with the assassination and the destruction of an illegal compound of stolen prototype weapons that were classified top secret and non-existent. Her mark was a man by the name of Fredrick Van Trice. An arms dealer that until recently had not caught the attention of the Federation and her allies. Now he was Veva’s mark and she had orders to eliminate this man by any means necessary.

===Japori II - Trading district===

As the USS Theta entered into the Japori Sector the Captain left the bridge to inform Veva that they had arrived in the Japori Sector. A soft chime from the door brought Veva out of her meditative state and she looked over at the door. The effects from the Romulan Ale were still present in her body as she stood up and walked over to the glass that was still on the table next to the replicator. The chime once more sounded and she sighed. She lifted the glass off the table as she acknowledged the chime. As the door opened and the Captain walked in he saw the glass of Romulan Ale and his eyes narrowed. He didn’t say anything, but in his mind had she been a part of his crew he would have busted her ass back to crewmen.

Veva saw the look in his eyes and downed the contents on the glass before she placed the now empty glass into the receptacle of the replicator, “One of the many vices an Agent of the Federation has is the overriding command codes to all replicators throughout the Federation and its vessels,” she stated. “Not to mention Captain. I am not officially on your ship. So those override codes will not be in your memory banks nor will my presence on your ship be logged by the ship’s computer,” she stated as she heard the final hum of the replicator as it retrieved the glass.

The Captain nodded understanding what she meant by her comment. “Well, Ma’am, we have arrived in the Japori Sector and will be in orbit of Japori II in about ten minutes,” he stated as she stood there.

She nodded, “Please have my shuttle prepped for launch in five minutes. I will be departing from the main shuttle bay in six minutes.” This confused the Captain for a moment before he remembered that she wasn’t officially on the ship. He nodded to her request and stood there for a moment, “Anything else I can help you with Captain?” He shook his head and departed.

Six minutes later Veva was aboard her shuttle and headed for the Japori II. A few minutes later she landed the shuttle on a landing pad near the outskirts of one of the bazaars. After she exited and secured the shuttle she made her way into the bazaar dressed from head to toe in solid black. On her lower back was the holstered phase pistol and in her left boot was a D’k tahg, a Klingon warriors knife, that she had won in battle.

Though this had honored the family of the Klingon house as the warrior had died in battle with her she still felt, even to this day, that it had been luck that she had disarmed and killed the Klingon warrior, but she lied when she was confronted about his death and said that she had killed him outright with her bare hands. She was honored by the Klingon and was presented with the fallen warriors D’k tahg.

As she moved through the bazaar she kept her eyes on each of the venues, alert to any threat that could come at her. So far no one had even noticed that she was there, which she like, but at the same time she felt as if something was off. She continued on her way on the plotted course that she had laid out prior to landing on the outskirts of the bazaar. As she neared the edge of the bazaar she stopped and stepped up to a fruit venue and made it appear as she was browsing the contents of the shop, all the while she listened and looked at the mirror that was stationed behind the shop owner. It was then that she saw a man step up behind her, “Is there something I can help you with?”

The man continued to look her over as if he hadn’t heard her so she spun around and looked the man dead in his eyes. This startled the man as he hadn’t expected her to turn around. When he looked into her cold icy blue eyes fear suddenly registered in his eyes. He lifted his hands in an apologetic manner and it was then that Veva saw the inside of his wrists and the insignia of Trice. She snapped up her left hand and clamped down on his right wrist. With a twist of her body and her hand, she slammed the man down to the ground. She placed her knee into his lower back and wrenched his arm back. A squealing cry in pain came from the man as the pain registered in his arm.

Veva leaned down and in a cold-toned voice she spoke into his ear, “If you want to live and have use of this arm again you will tell me exactly where Van Trice is.”

The man groaned as the pain continued in his arm. This pissed off Veva and she wrenched the arm further back.

“Last chance or you can kiss this arm goodbye.”

Gritting his teeth through the pain he told her exactly where Van Trice was, and it was exactly where she was told he would be in the mission briefing. With a hold still on the man’s arm she reached back to her lower back and retrieved the pistol that was holstered there.

“You will not say a word to anyone when you come to,” she stated and slammed the pistol into the back of his head which knocked him out cold.

After she dragged his body into the shadows she returned to the shop owner who had put his hands up. She calmed him down and handed him some money for his time. The owner thanked her and promised that he saw nothing. She thanked him and disappeared into the shadows of his shop.

===Japori II - Fredrick Van Trice’s Compound===

A half an hour later Veva stood in the shadows of a cliffside, hidden from the view of the guards that were on duty outside of the gates that stood in front of the entrance of the Arms dealers compound. Lucky for her the sun was almost set so she had the cover of darkness would be her ally in stealing into the compound without too much trouble. She knew that the man had a small army behind the walls of the compound and she knew that she was going to have to fight her way out but until then she was going to do her damnedest to make sure that no one saw her and raised an alarm to her being there.

After a few minutes of watching and listening to what was going on around her immediate area, she made her move. She slipped from the concealment of the cliffside shadows and into a dried-up ditch that ran right up to the wall on the left side of the compound. Luckily for her, it was deep enough for her small frame to crawl through without being detected. As she approached the wall a spotlight raced through the ditch, she saw it and buried her face into the ground and prayed that they did not see her. She waited a few minutes after the light had passed over her. All that she could hear during those intense few minutes was the sound of her steady breathing and the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears. Slowly she lifted her head up and scanned her surroundings as she waited for an alarm to sound off, it never did. So once more she moved slowly through the ditch closer to the wall.

When Veva reached the wall she peered into the shadows that the small entrance into the wall that the ditch was used for. A smile cracked her mouth as she saw that the entrance was not barred off, ‘Bad mistake, Trice,” she thought to herself as she slipped into the entrance and into the compound.

Once she was on the other side of the wall, Veva rolled onto her back and peaked out. After she saw that no one was near her she slid partly back into the entrance and retrieved from one of the many pockets on her pants a small explosive device. She attached it to the underside of the wall making sure that it was out of sight. She then grabbed the edge of the wall and pulled herself onto her feet slowly and carefully. She then crept over the edge of the wall with her back pressed to it. Her eyes looked around the wide-open courtyard in front of her. ‘Fuck,’ she swore to herself as she realized that there was not much to hide behind.

She braced herself as she waited for the right time to bolt onto the courtyard and into a stack of crates. A moment later she came to a sliding halt as she ducked into the shadows of the crates, and not a moment too soon as a guard happened to stop right at her hiding spot. He was facing her and had it not been for the shadows he would have looked her right in the eyes. She didn’t make a sound as she reached down to her left boot and retrieved the D’k tahg from its hiding place. With a swift and near blurred movement, she buried the knife to the hilt, up into the guard skull. As she retrieved the knife from his body she lowered the now lifeless man into the shadows with her, she wiped the man's own blood into his uniform and peered over the top of the crates she was behind. After she judged the distance and the locations of other guards for a split second she slid the D’k tahg back into its place in her left boot.

It took mere seconds for her to clear the rest of the courtyard, as she moved from one source of shadows to the next.

‘I don’t know why I was so worried,’ she thought to herself as she took a moment to look at the space that she had just cleared.

A moment later she was inside the main building and was moving towards the back of it, moving from shadowy pillar to shadowy piller, just as she had done so many times before. Just before she rounded the corner that led to where Fredrick was sleeping she stopped.

‘This is too easy,’ she thought to herself.

She then looked about for something that she might have missed. It was then that she noticed two things. One that out of all of the corridors that she had moved through this was the only one with a camera and two pressure plates along the passage. A normal untrained person might have seen the camera but would have missed the pressure plates, of that she was certain. She took a step back and looked back down the corridor that she had just come from and noticed footholds in the wall that led to a hatch in the ceiling. She moved over to them and scaled up the wall and into a crawl space. After she secured the hatch back into place she crawled carefully over to where it intersected with the room that was protected. She peered into the room through a ventilation grate and saw her Mark, Fredrick Van Trice.

Veva slid the grate to the side after carefully examining it for any sort of sensors or trip devices. She then placed her hands on either side of the vent and lowered herself silently into the room. As she landed she squatted down to keep herself as small as possible. With herself as small as possible she moved through the room, toward a bed that was in the center of the room. She could see her Mark laying in the bed. Her icy cold blue eyes could see that he was fast asleep. Silently she moved from her position to the side of his bed, and at the same time she withdrew the D’k tahg. She placed it against his throat, which caused him to open his eyes.

“I have been waiting for you,” he stated as he remained still. His eyes looked down at the knife, “D’k tahg? Now how did you come about that Agent Mattox?” His eyes then moved from the knife to her icy cold blue eyes.

The moment that Fredrick stated her name this caught her off guard for a split second. She kept the knife at his throat.

“How do you know my name?” Her voice was as cold as her eyes as she spoke to him.

“Well, that depends on if you can handle the name of the person that is involved,” he said with a grin on his twisted scarred face.

Veva spun the knife around and pointed the tip of the D’k Tahg into the neck of Fredrick. The tip pierced his skin causing a rivulet of blood to roll down his neck

“Try me,” she said as she looked at him.

He swallowed hard as he thought about whether or not to tell her about Admiral Whitmire. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath before he reopened his eyes and looked back at her.

“Your handler, Admiral Whitmire of the Federation is who told me you were coming,” he stated, “he is also the one who supplied me with the prototype weapons,” he confessed.

Veva narrowed her eyes.

“You’re lying,” she said as she pressed the tip even further into his neck.

Frederick grimaced at the feel of the point of the knife going deeper.

“Kill me if you must but know that your handler set you up to be killed. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to end your life.”

Veva removed the tip of the knife from his throat.

“Get up.”

Fredrick did as she asked him too.

“Slowly,” she stated as she had reached back behind her and removed the pistol from the holster on her lower back.

His feet slowly touched the ground and he slowly stood up. Veva kept the pistol trained on Fredrick as he stood up. She motioned for him to move toward the entrance.

“Tell your men to lay down their arms and leave.”

Fredrick laughed at her request and heard the charging of her pistol.

“You’re serious?” He asked her.

“I don’t make a habit of saying the same order twice, Fredrick.”

Fredrick nodded and moved toward the entrance. As he opened the door he disarmed the security and stepped out. Three armed men appeared at the end of the corridor and saw Veva. They raised their rifles at her and Fredrick raised his hands up.

“Stop. Put the rifles on the floor and leave. Tell the rest of the men to do the same,” he stated as the three men lowered their rifles and did as he asked them.

As Veva and Fredrick exited two men shot at her. She dodged the shots and at the same time kicked Fredrick to the ground. She then took aim at the two men that had taken a shot at her. Both of her shots hit their marks and she watched as the two men collapsed. With her pistol still up she scanned the compound. After a moment she moved over to Fredrick who was still on the ground. He had hit his head when Veva had kicked him to the ground.

Veva slapped him in the face which caused him to wake up. He looked at her and shook his head to clear the fussy view.

“Can you stand?”

He nodded and stood up. He looked up at Veva and saw the end of the pistol aimed at him.
“Before you ask no I did not order them to fire at you,” he stated.

She didn’t believe him but she needed him alive to testify, which she did not inform him.

“Move,” she ordered as she grabbed him by his shoulder and shoved him.

He stumbled for a second and then with his hands up moved to the now open gate. His men stood outside encircling the entrance to the gate.

“What do you want with our boss?” one of the men asked Veva.

She looked over Fredrick’s shoulder at the man that had addressed her and narrowed her eyes. She knew that the men were loyal to him but this was getting a bit ridiculous. She shook her head and looked down for a moment.

“You know Fredrick, your men are loyal to a fault but seem to have a problem following orders that are given to them,” she said to him.

He nodded to her even though she stood behind him.

“That they are.” He agreed.

She then addressed the man that had spoken to her.

“Your boss is coming with me to aid me in a mission,” she stated. “Put your arms down,” she said softly to Fredrick as she made it seem like she was telling the truth, which she was to a degree.

Fredrick did as he was told and lowered his arms as she holstered her pistol. However she kept the D’k tahg out and the point into his back. She hoped that his men believed her otherwise she knew that she was going to have to execute this man and then try to fight her way out. As luck would have it the men believed her and parted like the red seas. Together Veva and Fredrick moved through the group of men and before they entered into the crowd of men Veva had slipped knight into the sleeve of her shirt.

After a few minutes they entered into the bazaar that Veva had entered into and walked down the center of the main path that split the bazaar in two. Just before they got to the outskirts of the bazaar Veva told Fredrick to hold up. She reached up into her sleeve and pulled free the knife that she had hidden there and slipped it back into her boot.

“Okay, let’s go.”

A moment later they both boarded her shuttle and she lifted off.

“USS Theta, this is Deep Shadow over.” she said into the comm system.

It was silent for a moment before a deep male voice replied back. “Deep Shadow this is the USS Theta. Who am I speaking with?”

Veva growled inwardly at the incompetence of this Comms Officer, but she still replied.

“Don’t dick around with me, Comms Officer. Let the Captain know that I will be breaking orbit in about two minutes and to prepare a cell in the brig. Deep Shadow out.”

=== Japori Sector - USS Theta ===

Just as she had said, two minutes later she breached the atmosphere of Japori II and was met by the arrival of the USS Theta. After landing in the main shuttle bay the craft was surrounded by four security officers who escorted both Veva and Fredrick to the brig. Veva placed Fredrick in custody and turned to see the Captain enter into the brig.

“Good to see you Agent.”

“Likewise Captain.”

He nodded to her and then looked into the cell. He looked over Fredrick and then back at Veva.

“You look like you could use a shower,” he stated as he saw the dirty and blood on her black clothing.

She looked down at herself and saw what he was referring to and shook her head.

“That will have to come later, Captain,” she stated. “How good is your tactical officer at pinpoint shooting?” she asked the Captain.

“Well she’s never let me down so far,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I need her assistance.”

The Captain nodded to her request and led the way to the bridge. As soon as they entered the bridge the Veva walked over to the tactical console and entered into a set of coordinates. “Think you can hit that Lieutenant?” she asked the tactical officer. The woman looked down at the coordinates. “That shouldn’t be a problem but I must advise that it is close to a settlement of sorts.”

Veva nodded, “That would be a trading outpost. Try not to hit it, and proceed to bombard that compound at those coordinates.”

The tactical officer looked over at her Captain.

“Don’t look at me Lieutenant. The Federation Agent who doesn’t exist on this ship has command at this moment,” he stated.

The Lieutenant nodded and proceeded to bombard the compound. After the last shot was fired Veva ordered for a display of the area and an assessment of the area. All indications showed that the compound had been razed from existence and that the bazaar, though now empty, was untouched. She nodded to this report.


A soft beep sounded to her request.

“I would like you to locate and place all knowledge of me being on this ship to even include the arrested Arms dealer known as Fredrick Van Trice, Acknowledge the request.”

Another soft beep followed by a female voice acknowledging the request. This confused the Captain.

“Sir if you would follow me to your ready room I will explain why I have done this.”

“First Officer the bridge is yours.”

Veva headed for the Captains Ready room and as she as about to enter she looked over at the Conn.

“Conn, plot a course back to Earth. Warp 8.”

The Ensign that was sitting at the Navigation console nodded.

As the doors closed behind the Captain and he took his seat behind his desk he noticed that Veva had a glass of dark midnight blue liquid and shook his head. She took a seat crossed from him and down the contents in a single gulp.

“That bad I take it,” he said to her as she set the glass aside.

“Worse than you could ever imagine, Captain.”

“I don’t know, Agent…”

Veva stopped him before he could finish.

“Captain, my name is Commander Veva Mattox. Yes I am an Agent for the Federation and until about half an hour ago I thought I was sent to execute the man that you now have in your brig,” she stated as she looked at the Captain. Her icy cold blue eyes studied the man as he digested this information.

“I see,” he said, “so what changed the parameter’s?” he asked her

“Simple, that man will testify that one Admiral Whitmire aided and abetted in traitorous actions against the Federation. If he doesn’t... Well that’s none of my concerns as I will have just delivered a wanted criminal to the Federation.”

The Captain nodded and shook his head as she spoke. When she finished he let out a long sigh.

“It is a shame that Whitmire committed these allegations that you have just told me. But that still doesn’t tell me why you wanted the computer to…” it then sunk in why she did what she did with her request to the computer. “I see.” he said as he saw her nod her head.

“Before I left on this mission, Captain I had a message delivered to the Admiral stating that this would be the last mission that he would ever commission. I have planned on retiring the Admiral myself but it seems that he has done that himself.” she confessed as she sat there.

The Captain agreed with her on what the Admiral had done to himself.

“I suppose you would like to take that shower now?”

She nodded and stood up. The Captain escorted her once more to the same cabin that she had before. This time however she entered and thanked him for his ship. He nodded to her and left her alone. After the door closed Veva moved toward the bathroom stripping as she went.

After the shower she sat in front of a mirror brushing out her hair when she heard the door chime. Not expecting anyone she reached for her pistol and tucked it out of sight as she acknowledged the chime. The door slid open and Fredrick stood there with two security officers.

“So I just learned that I am to testify in the relationship that I have with Whitmire.”

Veva nodded.

“If you cooperate I will make sure that you are sentenced to a penal colony instead of being executed.”

“What makes you think that I will testify?”

“Fredrick I know you are a good man, just down on your luck and only trying to do what is best for you and your family, and I don’t mean those men back on Japori II. I mean your wife and two little girls on Mars.” she stated as she laid the pistol on the desk after she removed it from under her robe.

He was shocked by the fact that she knew so much about him and for the pistol that she had hidden.

“Expecting company?”

“I am an Agent for the Federation. Not everyone likes the idea of someone that is without the boundaries of Federation law traipsing around.”

Fredrick nodded to what she had said and turned about.

“I sure hope that you keep up your part of the bargain, Commander.”

===Sol - Earth - Star Fleet HQ===

Veva stood in front of the council in her Red uniform as Fredrick laid it all out about how Admiral Whitmire had sold him the plans for the prototype weapons and how he had also paid him to kill Commander Veva when she arrived. He continued to confess about the inner workings of the network that the Admiral had and how long it had been going on for.

After two hours the council convened and Fredrick was escorted back to his cell. Veva turned to leave when one of the Council members walked over to her.


Veva turned and faced the Council member.

“I think you will be needing these back.” the member handed Veva her pips back. “I also believe that there is a young Captain that is in need of her Executive Officer.”

Veva nodded as her pips were placed back on her collar. “Yes I do believe so, and I do believe that she and I have a much overdue explanation as to why I left her as I did.”

The Council member nodded and motioned for Veva to depart at once.

===McKinley Station - USS Hippocrates===

As the shuttle landed on the McKinley station Veva exited out of the shuttle and nearly ran over two crewmen who were heading for her things. She blew past other crewmen who were walking down the corridors that she ran through. She knew exactly where she was going and had no time to waste.

She came to a halt just outside of the Captain’s quarters and paused there as her hand hovered over the button that would chime into Kimberly’s cabin. She closed her eyes and felt the button as she pressed it.

A soft chime sounded.


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