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Fool Headed Man

Posted on Fri Apr 23rd, 2021 @ 8:09am by Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 2: 1600

Aimee finished up her normal shift in the Obstetrics ward. Without a full crew on the ship there was really little to do. With nothing better to do she headed up to the main sickbay that for all intents and purposes served as the ship’s emergency department.

Aimee smiled and waved at Lexi and looked around. Another nurse approached her. “Doctor?”

“Yes,” Aimee said, “What can I do for you?”

“There’s a patient if you can.” The nurse offered her a PADD.

Taking the PADD Aimee she scrolled trough the chart. “A sword? Seriously?”

“That’s what he said,” The nurse said with a shrug. “It looks like it could have been.”

Aimee sighed, “Men.”

The nurse smirked and gave Aimee an acknowledging smile. Aimee crossed the medical bay approaching a man about her size. Dougal MacDonald was tall, but just how tall she didn’t know since he was sitting. Over six foot for sure.

He was a good looking man with a medium brown that where the light hit it shown red-orange. He had blue eyes the color of sapphires, and a pair of muscular arms that she could see even through his uniform.

“Well, Chief MacDonald it would appear you have had an eventful day.” Aimee greeted as she stood at his side. He was big, big and beautiful. “I’m Doctor Sandoval.”

“Aye lass, you could say it is eventful indeed. I ducked when I should have dodged,” he replied with the thick accent of a Highland Scot.

“That much is apparent,” Aimee deadpanned as she pulled out her tricorder. After a quick scan she set it aside and picked up a laser scalpel and used it to cut away the layers of cloth around the wound. There was a substantial blood, but the wound was relatively superficial. It ran from the top of his trapezius, down his collar bone and into the pectoralis major. The wound was half an inch at its deepest to a mere scratch at the tail end.

“How?” Aimee said completely dumbfounded. “Or rather, how did you override the safeties? You don’t look like a senior officer to me.”

His expression was serious, but there was a twitch at the corner of his mouth, “I dinnea use the holodeck.”

“You mean you were using real swords? With whome?”

“A kinsman,” he said simply. “It is but a wee scratch.”

“You could have been killed!”

“Och aye, but I am no dead yet,” he replied.

“Fool headed man,” Aimee scolded.

Dougal laughed, “That’s no the first time a lass has said that to me to be sure.”

“Well, I’m glad you are having a good time.” Aimee was getting annoyed with the Scotsman’s casual disregard for his mortality. Using an antiseptic spray she flushed the wound catching the pink fluid with a towel. There was little risk of infection, but foreign material could cause problems, and there was a possibility that there were fibers from his uniform embedded is the wound. A dermal regenerator made quick work of the rest. “There, good as new.”

“I thank you kindly lass,” Dougal said with a slight bow of his head.

“No more swords,” Aimee suggested.

“An’ how am I to learn to use one?” Dougal asked.

“Well, for one you don’t need to, and secondly that’s what holodeck safeties are for.”

“Och aye, there is that indeed, but no can do. I cannae learn against a wee computer, and the threat of pain is a solid teacher.”

Aimee rolled her eyes, “Men.”

“Aye men,” he said with a wide grin. “If no for you lasses we’d all be dead that’s for sure, and you would no have it any other way. How else are you to chide us for being a thick heeded gomeril? You ken that, and I ken that all too well. It makes you superior to us.”

“How about we be equal and you don’t get your head bashed in.”

Dougal laughed at that and stood up from the biobed. He bowed to her. He towered over her 5’10”. “I thank you kindly for yer skillful administrations even if your bedside manner is lacking.”

“Well,” she sighed resigned, “at least be safe.”

“Thank you kindly.” With that the tall Scotsman walked out the door.


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