USS Hippocrates


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Lab Reports and CAT Scans?

Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2021 @ 8:51am by Commander Shadow K'Trevala

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: AMO'S Quarters
Timeline: TBD

Among everything Shadow had brought along with him in plants for the Arboretum and survival gear for any 'interesting' Away Missions, he brought along a litter of half trained Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies and a smallish, empathic cat from his home. The puppies had already showed their abilities at detecting a number of diseases by the pheromones that the people with the disease gave off and he thought it might be a good idea to add them to the Diagnostic team as well as possible Counseling teams since he was also training them as Therapy Dogs to help with people that were traumatized by circumstances and needed a friendly, lickey face that would not judge them for their looks or circumstances, but would be there to just give love and acceptance, no matter what. The Cat who he'd named Psyche, was about half way between a Maine Coon and a small ocelot and was as laid back as one of the Ragdoll kitties. Her special talent fell along the lines of the puppies in diagnosis, but was more attuned to the mental aspects and problems that some people dealt with on a regular basis. Her purrs had a strange tranquilizing effect on anyone who experienced them because they didn't just remain audible but even those that were deaf could feel the gently rumbling vibrations as she rubbed up against them. Either tactile or audible methods seemed to work well to help calm a troubled mind for a while and, if Medication were prescribed for the patient, seemed also to augment the effects of the medicines while lessening any adverse side effects they were experiencing at the time.

Shadow knew from studies that had gone on throughout time of the effectiveness of the therapy dogs on the mental state of patients, though sometimes cats, fish or small birds in a large cage might be better for some of the more skittish patients to catch and hold their attention for a while. He knew that other animals could be used as service animals as well, working directly with the disabled one-on-one to help alleviate some of the problems they were facing in their everyday lives. He was thinking of training a smaller dog for the deaf nurse so that she could respond faster to some calls than before. He'd read through the charts of the personnel on board the Hippocrates and found out what he needed to know to help take care of them, but he was always trying to find additional ways to help them in their duties as well as their lives.

He set up his quarters as a play and feeding area for the puppies and Psyche, having already taught them to use a large litter box for dealing with elimination. At least they knew better than to mess with the computer where he worked when he was off shift, but their toys were scattered throughout the main room and even a few stuffies managed to make their way onto the bed. It was ok, at least they didn't squeak. Shadow knew that he'd have to introduce the new, furry members of the teams to the rest of the staff eventually, but he'd do that once he got them better trained for the important tasks that they were destined for.


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