USS Hippocrates


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Rocky Mountain High

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 6:51am by Lieutenant Commander Olivia "Livvy" Sandoval

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: USS Hippocrates
Timeline: MD 2 1500

Wind whistled through the pines. The air was crisp and clean with the sun hanging brightly overhead. A single sorrel horse with a white blaze and three white socks carried a single rider along a narrow dirt trail.

Livvy inhaled deeply as she crested the top of the hill. The Sangre De Cristos opened up before her. White capped peaks loomed over valleys of green.

She picked her way down the hillside and into the thick timber. It was almost cold, the there was a mossy earthy smell that permeated the area.

She pulled up near a small stream with crystal clear wate were the area opened to a meadow that had been clear-cut by beavers to build their dams which turned everything in the immediate vicinity into a swamp.

She found a dry area in the sun and peeled the saddle off her horse and hobbled it to graze. She then built a small fire and cooked herself lunch and a pot of coffee.

She was leaning against a fallen log and on her third cup of coffee when he combadge chirped. Sighing she tapped it, "Go ahead. "

"Commander there's a problem with the magnetic constrictors."

"That's an engineering problem," Livvy replied.

"Yeah, that's just it. The Chief Engineer hasn't reported in and Lt. Davis, and Ensign B'kral are on Earth."

"There's no one else in engineering?"

"No ma'am."

Livvy sighed, "I'm on my way. Sandoval out."

Standing she brushed the grass from her trousers and announced, "Computer, save program and end."

The computer beeped in response and the mountain scene vanished to reveal the holodeck.


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