USS Hippocrates



Driving R&D Bonkers

Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 8:24pm by Commander Shadow K'Trevala

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Science Labs
Timeline: TBD

Shadow had all sorts of ideas to help his fellow healthcare workers and the puppies were just one of them as they would be helping in Counseling and Diagnostics. He thought about the problems of their deaf nurse as well as Lt Somna in being able to communicate with the others. The vocal implant he'd gotten years ago worked fine for him and he didn't mind the slightly 'off' quality to his speaking voice as opposed to when he relaxed with singing.It was similar to the voice quality of the old singer/actor Jim Nabors from the videos from so long ago. At least it got the children and sometimes their parents to smile when he had to talk with them.

The newest project he was working on was some upgrades to the Universal Translator, one which would show a holographic person using Sign Language to translate to the deaf while a camera would take their gestures and translate it to spoken word. Another adaptation would take the brain patterns from an empath's or telepath's mind and translate them to spoken word for those that didn't have the capabilities of speech or the adaptive technology to allow them to speak like the vocal implant did for Shadow.

He was sure that all the notes he had written up for them to look into, like the adaptions for the Universal Translator or a disposable, emergency 'Pie tin' sized transporter unit, good for about 3-12 uses to use on the battlefield or disaster site, would have them either salivating like crazy over the possibilities that could be done with them or pulling their hair out over the involved complexities of the projects. And he still had more projects on the white board in his quarters that he was working on already, like pop-up stasis capsules that could be loaded in a troop transport shuttle as if they were so many people sized bricks. He had already turned in a toboggan style sled that could be used to haul survival equipment to a separate site if the shuttle would not work for sufficient protection for the away team. Some of the items in there were based on times in the past that he'd been in places that the charges in the power units ran out rapidly so he added things to the kit like a 21st century trauma bag and more archaic weapons so that the lack of power would be only a mild inconvenience rather than a major disaster for the team. Pioneer style medicine was good for things like that.