USS Hippocrates


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EXO-COMP Pentaptych

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2021 @ 6:34am by Ensign Bikram Auden & Crewman Exo Comps: Pentaptych

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Daystrom Institute of Advanced Robotics
Timeline: One year prior to the Hippocrates launch


{Okinawa, Japan}

They held their breath watching it come to life. Five professionals gaped in awe at their work made living. Phaesyla was the product of tens of thousands of work hours. Combining the suites of technology while maintaining the innate qualities of the Exo comp servomotor unit was beyond challenging. Folding tech to fit into small spaces was the day job, making sure it worked reliably was the nightmare.

"Doctor Chambers has begun full power initialization, stand by." The disembodied voice of the control room monitor sounded, but they could see it for themselves.

"Interactions live, begin dialogue. Imprinting protocols are beginning." The same voice spoke the obvious, this chick had just hatched, whoever it saw first was mother.

Four of them looked to one of them. T'ila of Remus blushed in reply. Who else would deserve the honor but her? T'ila never slept, had logged more time working than any two of them combined. Her blood and sweat was a part of this creature. She walked to the front of the formulation assembly, the replicator using matrix assembly for superior quality required an enclosed cage. T'ila opened the door to greet her new friend.

Inside the metal cave built into the table workstation of the engineering teams lab, a new life had just been made. T'ila peered in the door, where the sleek white oblong robot sat inert. Puzzled, T'ila pressed the commands to have it open channel.

"Phaesyla, welcome to Earth. Welcome to life little thing you."

<{[Phaesyla]=Acknowledge, language met, criteria met. Greetings.}>

The message appeared on her command padd. "Oh how silly of us. It doesn't know we prefer to hear things, its been sending text to me, look." She showed two dozen unreplied text prompts from the bot. She turned back to it to look again, "Phaesyla, you have auditory capability, and come on out of there, see the world. We are here to help you learn."

<{"[PHAESYLA]=Updating local registry.[ERROR] Provide method of interaction."}>

T'ila followed along, "Not yet Phaesyla, we need to make sure you can walk before we let you run around in the real world. And you don't need to tag your speech, we know it is you when we hear you, understand?"

The bot took an extra fraction of a second to reply, <{"Affirmation acknowledged."}>

Darro was a colleague to T'ila who found this exchange limiting. "T'ila there's no point if they are incompetent, how long until this thing can do a surgery, we can train a whole class of doctors in half the time it took to build this."

This earned him a glare from the group, and Moira Falcrest took great pleasure to quip, "We can test it on you if you're in such a hurry."

T'ila shushed them both, "It's a child still, and they are socially dependent, we would need at least two more to see their true processing power. Tag, set up the physical tests, Moira, run your system diagnostics as it takes on problems. Rickards and I will update Phaesyla."

They got to work, and patched the errors they found. There weren't many, mostly rounding errors which resolved instantly once they were detected, a digital equivalent to sandpaper on rough edges. The real world was the only stress testing left.

With no warning to the onlookers Rickards called out, "Emergency, help!"

The people ringed above in the observation dock all leaned forward to watch the surgical theater below. Rickards had a simulated crewman on a bio bed, coded to show as multiple knife wounds but giving no other data. Alarms sounded and when no doctor replied to respond emergency systems activated. In this Lab, the emergency system was their newest friend.

Phaesyla sprung to action, the smooth oblong hull suddenly grew lines as recessed panels revealed an array of tools. It raced from the resting cradle to the crewman. It took one second to scan, the various small tools popping out immediately suturing and sealing the copious bleeding at the same time. The comprehensive analysis was completed in 1.2 seconds with prognosis and treatment course outlined. The panels kept fluctuating, with a changing variable affecting algorithms. T'ila glared at Darro who kept increasing blood pressure inexplicably, confusing the bots diagnostics. A bleeding patient should not be gaining blood pressure. With this new wrinkle Phaesyla activated its EMH.

In a quantum instant the EMH was updated on the situation. He/it looked just as confused, and saw the spectators nearby. Snidely he quipped at them, "Well, don't rush to my aid all at once." The EMH looked to the wounded crewman and with blinding speed began re-suturing the wounds and sealing them with extra staples and filaments to hold under the hypertension. He then set the bio bed to circulate blood through the beds dialysis function and assist in regulating blood pressure.

He winked at the onlookers, oblivious to the larger truths he only saw lazy crewman who weren't helping him at all, so he rudely snapped, "Hmm, no more mysterious blood pressure rise? Perhaps you'll explode an eyeball next?" He had finished without looking, Phaesyla assisting with the process. In a moment the patient had stabilized again, when Darro hit the control for the crewman to have a heart attack.

T'ila snatched the console from him, but the reaction had already begun.

The EMH didn't even move fast, and lazily returned to the simulated man. "Oh I see." The EMH turned away from the dying patient, heedless to the gurgling and gasping man. "This man doesn't need a doctor he needs an engineer. He is a hologram. My medical advice is to program it as not having 18 puncture wounds, acute gastric lacerations, four avulsions and a cranial hematoma."

The EMH disappeared and Phaesyla calmly hovered above the dying simulation. At firs tunsure, T'ila suspected and looked, finding the recoding of the simulation in progress. Phaesyla was curing the man, no mater why or what the situation, it's drive was to fix the problem. The simulated crewman stabilized again, and with no Darro to exacerbate the scene Phaesyla finished the report, issued after care recommendations and returned to its cradle in a single fluid action.

With triumph in her beating heart she looked to Darro, and to the smiling crewman. Darro smiled back, he had no stakes in rooting for Phaesyla to fail, theirs was a success wrought together. The bot had performed well. The research would continue and more would be built. One of her students brought in a bottle of chapmpagne, soon they all had a small glass.

"My friends, here is to Phaesyla and the ones soon to come. Let's enjoy ourselves tonight, because tomorrow we make more just like this one... no not just like this one... different, specialized, unique. We are reshaping how medicine will be performed, we are saving lives.... we...."

T'ila was lost in thought, reverie and foresight swirling into a blend of pure passionate academic ecstasy. She could see the future of what this technology would bring, and was consumed by ideas to do more.

"... are making the future... and we..."

Moira helped her out, "And we are getting drunk! Whooo!"

T'ila lost her place in holding the delicate dreams of future whimsy, returning to her present with a touch of sadness at losing the insights. She laughed with her friends and they cheered the night on. As they carried on, a communique from Daystrom Medical confirmed their interest with a proposal for shipboard deployment to deep space outposts and hospital ships. Most are unlucky and never realize their impact, but T'ila felt the future change at this moment and had briefly, correctly, surmised where it lead.

These bots would go farther and do more than she ever could. This gave her sadness in its own gentle way to remind her of mortality, to know your work would outlive you and have stories untold for your passing awareness. So despite the revelry, the beautiful sadness a soul can generate bewildered her capacity for true joy.

"You look so serious!"

His voice was a rope to the capsized mariner. Darro was offering a hand to her, Rickards was already dancing close to Moira. She smiled, Life isn't over just yet. She smiled, and took the hand, once again leaving her thoughts behind.




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