USS Hippocrates


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Stupid counts as a motive too

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2021 @ 7:00am by Ensign Bikram Auden & Lieutenant Boss Klayton

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: Romulan Repatriation Zone- Galdonterre- C'ivva
Timeline: one month prior to Hippocrates launch??


{Romulan Repatriation Zone- Galdonterre- C'ivva}

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 16 0900; My initial reports are confirmed. The blight started here on C'ivva as a simple mold and was well known when it was shipped off world. Galdonterre has nothing in its biome to handle it. We can use the genetics now that we know the origins, hopefully get Galdonterre producing food again.

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 16 1300; With the evidence at hand I about broke my brain trying to find motive. I have come to realize it was way worse than any plot. They didn't mean to, none of the coverup was pre-meditated, it was sloppy and rushed. This reeks of after the fact coverup by an amatuer. I genuinely think they made a mistake, sent a shipment out that should have been quarantined. Profits are razor thin on Triticale derivative crops, there is no money in sabotaging yields. It only affects people, and for this many people to die meant certain jail time for whoever was at fault. A dead pilot, a dead dockworker, and half a world infected with a fungus that eats the grains we do is a powerful motive to keep your involvement hidden. I've got a list of officials to vet, performing interviews today."

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 16 1500; Gilman Makiass is the power twisting arms in this neighborhood. Well insulated, but with his security details I've got an angle, the night guard loses money to gambling like nobody's business."

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 17 0900; I'm pursuing the leads for Gilman Makiass, my prime suspect. He is the one who should have quarantined the crop, and the first to get notifications of investigations due to contamination. Its a closed community here, any nonRom is going to get a cold shoulder."
"LT Klayton reporting: Day 18 0900; No followup on Gilman Makiass, but I have a shadow. T'plana sent a redshirt for some muscle but he breathes so loud I can't get anywhere. If they are tailing me I can potentially drop them and reverse the tail, "officer two-chins" will make sure that doesn't happen. There is another possibility in the Quality Officer of the port. If Gilman was truly incompetent it still should have been caught by QA there. Name of Bastik Orlami.

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 18 1800; I reversed my tail back to a paramilitary manor. Some refugees seem to have it better than others, this place had its own fusion plant and forcefields. T'plana will try to teleport me tomorrow as they rotate shields on a shuttle route we have detected. Gilman Makiass was spotted entering manor."

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 18 1945; Mission success. Officer Randall here was handy enough to run countermeasures as I accessed their systems. Much thanks to Starfleet. Transmitting docs to T'plana, for arrest warrant issues on Gilman Makiass."
"LT Klayton reporting: Day 19 0800; Gilman Makiass was bunkered into his house pretty snug. Once T'plana got a solid lock it was over. Randall can kick a transporter inhibitor to pieces for the record. Gilman Makiass arrested.
"LT Klayton reporting: Day 20 0900; Interrogation reveals Makiass covered his tracks, arranged for the pilots death, and insisted Bastik take action as well resulting in the death of the dock worker. Arrest warrant issued for Bastik at Regulus.

"LT Klayton reporting: Day 20 1330;
Local authorities at Regulus reported successful arrest. Closing case on two files of two. Starfleet Medical designation A-008 Special Agent Boss Klayton closing C-117-a; C-117-b.


Lt. Boss Klayton
Licensed Investigator- Starfleet Medical


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