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Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 7:10pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Resigned

Mission: Mission 0: New crew and New Beginnings
Location: USS Asgard
Timeline: Two weeks to launch

### USS Asgard ###

Chief Petty Officer Talissa knocked on the door, entering the Captain's ready room. Captain Evans sat at her desk looking over a padd as Talissa entered. The 28 year old Nekomi was unsure why she was being called by the captain specifically, but as Evan's put down the padd she smiled up at Talissa. "At ease Chief. You look like you'll break something."

"Yessir," Talissa said, she was already at ease but softened her stance to more of a comfortable casual stance. "You wanted to see me Captain?" Captain Vance nodded, "I did Talissa yes. I just got off the comms with Commodore Vance at Starfleet." Talissa was a bit confused, her tail twitching nervously. She knew who he was, he'd been her point of contact for the exchange program between Starfleet and the Nekomi. "Captain?"

Captain Evans looked over at the young crewman. "There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Starfleet you aren't privy to Chief. Admiral Vance just told me that Starfleet has decided to remove you from the officer exchange program effective this date."

Talissa looked at her captain, her expression downcast. How had she screwed up that badly? She was about to say something when Evans continued.

"Admiral Vance just confirmed today that the Federation granted you citizenship, which means you can't serve in the exchange program anymore." She stood up, taking a small box sitting on her desk which she opened, revealing a rank insignia. "Chief Talissa, by order of Starfleet, upon completion of your enlistment, you are being promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and moved to regular duty. Admiral Vance has also ordered your transfer to a new vessel, the USS Hippocrates, where you will serve as the Captain's Yeoman. Seems they want you to have some command experience."

Evans pinned the new rank insignia on her collar, taking the old one back. "Congratulations Chief. I know your mother and father are proud of you, I served with them before you were born. They were damn fine officers, and you've lived up to every expectation Talissa."


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